Why Everyone Else’s Engagements And Baby Photos Shouldn’t Make You Mad

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize everyone around them is paired off. Plans for a girls night out will become few and far between as everyone gets married or pops out kids. “All The Single Ladies” stops being the song you and your girls get excited about.

Eventually, there will be one single lady left and it might be you.

Social media apps will become your worst enemy as you open them to find yet another friend with a ring on it. The baby bumps and the 2-11-month-old photo shoots will blow up your timeline. Bridesmaid dresses will be all the fashion you see your classmates wearing. It’s enough to make a person want to delete every profile she’s ever made.

It’s not even that you’re mad at them; you’re so happy they are happy! It’s about feeling left out. It’s that little pang of jealousy because it all looks so pretty and everyone is paying attention to them. It’s because life is finally bigger than them now. While you’re over here using coupons at Express for a new LBD and rewatching the entire One Tree Hill season for the umpteenth time.

But despite the eye rolls over another freshly manicured hand in face selfie or the awkward scrolling over a naked baby video, you should be happy that’s not you. Consider the fact that we are all at different phases of our lives.

You shouldn’t want something solely because someone else has it. Especially something as serious as marriage and a family. Those are lifetimes; your entire life will be changed by those things.

If you had a baby, would you be able to go the beach on a whim? Not quite; think about the diaper bag and baby sunscreen and snacks for the baby and when will naptime be, etc. If you were engaged, would you have dropped $150 on a single concert ticket? Probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea if you’re saving for the big day.

As a mid-twenty… okay maybe closer to 30… aged person, it does get hard looking at all the annoying “said yes to the dress” and “baby mama” captions. I can’t tell if they stopped being cute or I started being bitter. But either way, it’s not my life right now. As much as I may want to be like everyone else, taking a longer or different path isn’t bad. And I know if, or when, someone “puts a ring on it” and matching shirts get made for all my best friends, it will be at the right time and it will be magical.

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