Why We Have So Many Empty Conversations These Days

This digitally connected world we live in today has our communication skills all out of whack. We see the good in each other lives all over social media these days, whether we really want to or not; so we don’t feel obligated to check in with each other in person anymore. From selfie-inclined 11-year-olds on Instagram to the inquisitive middle aged ladies plastered all over Facebook, we don’t really know what’s happening behind the screens.

These days we don’t always know what to do when we actually TALK to these people we once knew very well. All too often we find ourselves talking to someone without actually talking about anything at all.

Whilst clearing out my phone’s contact list of exes and long-lost high school acquaintances, I found myself lost over the name of an old friend of mine (let’s call him Freddy here). After a bit of amnesia, I still have some lapses from time to time, and in this instance, I couldn’t remember the name of a park I spent a lot of time at in high school, clearing my head after Freddy had told me to check it out. So I sent Freddy a little text asking about the park to obtain that name because it started to bother me, and also to see how Freddy was doing these days.

You see, Freddy doesn’t have any social media. When a friend of mine asked who I was talking to one day, I told her who it was and explained how I had met him since he didn’t grow up with us in our tiny town. But when she went to look him up online to see what she could find about who this mystery man was, nothing came up – not even on Google. So she was concerned about me thinking he was some online catfish or something but I really was friends with him for years before ever caring about online followers or friends so I know he’s real and that’s all I need.

Freddy and I have had some really great adventures in the past that we get to laugh about these days and we always have something new to talk about. It’s not just another empty conversation about being hungry and saying “same” to express emotions. But I have a small problem about reconnecting with Freddy who’s back home while I’m away for school.

I don’t have a clue what he looks like. Since we never worried about social media in the past, we never bothered taking selfies or photos together while living in the moment outside of high school. But with my amnesia, I truly don’t recall a lick of what he looks like. This might bother some people, but with our friends the same as it ever was, I’ll get a picture of him someday,  I’m not worried.

He’s seen me online while catching up on blogs like Unwritten when I text him about my excitement over new posts being published and there’s no problem with that. If the topic comes up in conversation about my face or his, we’ll cover it there. If he happens to read this post, maybe he’ll know who and what I’m talking about, we’ll have to wait and see. As long as our friendship stays far away from any empty conversations, I’m one happy girl!

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