Why You Only Fail If You Stop Writing

Every writer has faced the common obstacle known as, writer’s block. It can hit someone when they have SO MUCH to say, or when they have a timed essay with a HUGE word count requirement. This dreaded writer’s block can really hit someone hard, especially if the words they want to write have a profound meaning, or impact one’s career.

But writer’s block is only in a writer’s mind. Really. Now, I’m not saying we have to just get over it when it happens and the words will just start flowing like a broken dam because it’s NEVER that easy. Just like any other obstacle, it has a source, and the hard part really is seeking that source out of its hiding.

Maybe you experienced some sort of trauma, maybe a car accident, or a heartbreak that threw you off your game big time. No matter how easily you bounce back from that trauma, you might still be a little out of whack at keeping things organized, like your laundry or your thoughts. In this little chaotic new routine, you’ve stumbled into, you’ll think you’re totally fine, but you know you’ve forgotten something. You’ve forgotten to write about your experiences. You’ve forgotten to mention your side of the story to everyone you know, maybe even a Facebook or Snapchat rant or two. But those rants, don’t make you feel like you can really move forward do they? Your little friend known as the blank page feels abandoned by you because you feel like that experience, or your new routine just isn’t important enough, or relatable enough, or fun enough to write about – but they always are if you allow them to be.

Ray Bradbury once said, “you only fail if you stop writing,” and he was absolutely right! The moment you stop sharing those quotes you saw on Pinterest, or that crazy thing that happened in the Walmart parking lot, nobody wins.

Each story you keep inside you is one more ghost haunting you. Each story you keep inside you is one less experience you share with your friends and family around the world. Each story you keep inside you is one more thing that stresses you out in your dreams, whether you recognize it on your own, or not.

The only way for you to truly stay sane in any sense is letting it all out; whether that’s talking, painting, writing, working out, etc. But no matter what you do, don’t let your stories, no matter how small they may be, stay unwritten.

If you’re thinking about giving writing a shot, don’t be afraid to try. Our little community here at Unwritten is always looking for some new faces to join our family, just apply here and start keeping some drafts on Google Docs so you can access them anywhere, anytime.

But remember every story you have waiting inside you is yours, it’s waiting to be released into the world; maybe it’s clawing at the back of your mind or even your heart. From that time you climbed a tree and realized you were way more afraid of heights than you ever imagined and could NOT make it back down, to your own personal grocery list or retail therapy routine, no story is too small if it’s relatable. All you have to do is get started!

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