The One Thing No One Is Talking About Regarding ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

The spin-off show Bachelor in Paradise has suspended its filming because Corinne Olympios is saying she was too drunk to form an intent to have sexual contact with DeMario Jackson.” Sources within the show, including Corinne herself, are saying that alcohol was flowing freely with the two contestants and Corinne came onto DeMario, and something like “soft core porn” quickly followed.

Other contestants on the show are coming forward to say that they tried to get producers to stop what was happening, because it was clear Corinne was too drunk, but the producers are denying that any contestant came forward. However, the complaint itself is coming from a Bachelor in Paradise producer, so there must be some validity to the statement.

Corinne is arguing that she has a boyfriend and would never try to jeopardize that relationship by committing sexual acts with anyone else. While this whole situation is being resolved, the filming of the show has been suspended, and may not go on ABC at all.

According to TMZ“The producer has filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. immediately suspended production, launched an investigation, and released DeMario and Corrine. Two days later Warner Bros. released the entire cast while they investigated alleged ‘misconduct’.”

Obviously, we want this situation to be resolved fairly and quickly as sexual assault is a very serious allegation, and one we want to take extremely seriously as it is one that occurs much too often.

Having said that, if Corinne had a boyfriend to begin with, why would she have agreed to go on the show? If she had already agreed to the show, why didn’t Corinne ask to back out of the show? While she was the ‘villain’ on her season, she was a good person, and was definitely genuine in her feelings.

No matter the truth of the situation, people need to start telling the truth here. It seems to me, based on the articles I’ve read and what I’ve seen from The Bachelor franchise, is that the producers don’t always treat the contestants well for the sake of good TV.

And we can’t allow this anymore.

It’s not okay to forego the safety of people just for good TV. It’s not okay to lie and say something happened when it didn’t. It isn’t okay for people to now feel uncomfortable watching a TV show that, frankly, isn’t that good anyway.

Whatever has happened, ABC needs to get to the bottom of it – and fast. 

In the words of my mom, “No answer means no.” If she was too drunk, or if she hesitated even a little, DeMario, the producers, or someone should have stopped it. It’s just unacceptable.

All contestants of reality TV shows like to stir the pot and make waves, but going this far for just some publicity? Claiming sexual assault just to get your name out there? That’s not probable. But hearing rumors that the contestants aren’t really fed during the shooting of the TV show? Hearing that they are just given drink after drink until they are drunk enough to create drama? That I totally believe.

I highly doubt that Corinne is making this up. With people coming forward from the show – both on screen and off screen – there must be some validity to it. And the fact that some people are even questioning her points to a much larger problem with society. We have to take statements like this more seriously.

And I really compliment ABC and Warner Bros. Production for taking this seriously.

Featured Image via The Bachelor/Bachelorette.


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