Bad & Bushy: Amber Rose Goes Nude And Twitter Flips Out

Last night after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat Golden State Warriors fans were very surprised to receive a little treat from Amber Rose. Almost immediately following the game Rose announced her third annual Slut Walk by posting a nude photo to her Instagram revealing a lot more than just her naked body… A big bush to coating her lady bits.

Did I also mention it was posted the day after her ex Kanye Wests’ birthday?

Of course, Twitter is freaking out over the picture in one massive debate. Some are bashing her for posing nude and being a mother, others are praising the model for embracing her sexuality and femininity, and others are just freaking out over the fact she has pubic hairBecause that’s a huge world issue in itself.

Here are some of the tweets to sum up what’s actually going on:

Meek Mill even got in on the action with approval! (So expect a song about this story in it soon).

Instagram deleted her ’empowering’ post, and she’s obviously pissed, proven in this Insta video she posted right after it was deleted.

All in all, Amber Rose has always been one to express herself through her body and prove her point by using her body to show slut shaming. Naturally she was going to get a lot of hate for this post because it does seem like she’s being an attention seeker. The conversation shouldn’t be about how she’s a bad mom for posing nude, or how her body is no longer desirable because she has pubes. It should be about her feeling empowered and confident enough in her own skin to do this.

And while the internet continues to tear her down, feminists are the one’s supporting her and giving her more motivation to fight back at her haters. Not exactly the reaction we’d expect by a majority of women, but it’s nice to see them having her back.

Say what you will but her message is clear. You’re shamed if you do take a stand or embrace your sexuality/femininity, but your shamed if you don’t back up what you say.

Featured image via Amber Rose



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