The Final Member Of 1D Released A Single And It’s Straight Fire

On day 224 since the One Direction hiatus began the final member has released their solo single, and it is lit! Liam Payne’s new song Strip That Down (featuring Quavo) is bound to be a summer sensation. Today is the day directioners have been waiting for, and there was very high expectations-and guess who did not disappoint!?

Strip That Down sounds exactly like something you’d hear Justin Timberlake singing. So if you needed any other persuasion to check it out, I don’t know what else I can offer you. Except for flashing a teaser video in which he’s shirtless in, of how hot he looks in all his promo’s for the single. He can keep stripping it down for me if you catch what I’m saying!

Obviously showcasing his own personal taste in music, the song proves to be a banger you can drop it low to in the club, or jam to in your Uber while you’re on your way to tear it up on the dance floor. Moral of the story, it’s a song you can dance to and feel your sexiest.

The new dad (that’s right, he’s a DILF too) to little lad Bear, has been busy on the media circuit and has promised to continue with new music over the next few weeks and months to come. He also reassured fans that his line in the song about One Direction is not meant to be a bad thing- oh yeah, and there’s drama to go with it too!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… #StripThatDown ⬇️

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But what else has the other members been up to since the hiatus started?

Harry Styles

/ / SEE.YOU.SOON / /

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Oh Harold, this young lad has been extremely busy as of recently due to the fact his first solo single dropped at the beginning of the month, and his entire album was released last week. Oh, and he also has a rumored new girlfriend, but that’s none of my business. He’s also planning to hit the road in multiple countries around the world, being the first member to announce a tour. And although his music is getting mixed reviews, true fans expected his music to sound weird, because that’s exactly how he is.

Louis Tomlinson

Thank you for the incredible support 🙂

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Our lovely Louis has probably gone through the most since his 1D days have subsided. He became a father to his son Freddie, participated in numerous charity events, lost his ‘mum’ (who everyone knew was his best friend) to cancer, and two days later he debuted his song with Steve Aoki by performing it live on national television. I’d say this Just Hold On is probably my personal second favourite single any member has released because it’s a club banger! Otherwise, I’m sure he’s keeping quiet and is bound to surprise us with another tune soon.

Niall Horan

The proud Irishman of the group has been causing quite the mix up with releasing not one, but two songs! Sultry and sweet, just like him, his music has a certain cuteness to it. This Town was as romantic as he seems to be, and his latest Slow Hands that has only been out for about three weeks now has been gaining a lot of radio play. Not to mention winning awards on his own! He has a lot of press coming up including a few award show appearances as well. So expect to see and hear a lot more from Niall soon.

Zayn Malik

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Although some don’t consider him a boyband member, mainly because from the start he just wasn’t about this 1D life, he’s still a member. And let’s not forget that he would be nowhere without this band. (If anyone else has seen him live he’s so boring to watch- definitely not as entertaining as the others). He’s had it all since he dramatically left the group and unleashed his single Pillow Talk and an album about a month after his departure. Lately he’s been featuring on a lot of artists songs and of course following his super model girlfriend Gigi Hadid around like a puppy.

And there you have it, our baby boys have grown up, developed their wings and have flown off to the life of being solo artists… For now anyway. I have no fear in my mind they’ll be back in 8 years to do a reunion tour when the money starts running dry and they have nothing else to do, you know, like all the other boybands. And until that day happens, fans will continue trying to keep their group alive and in unison on social media, like this:

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