15 Struggles All Book Lovers Know Too Well

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Day in and day out, book lovers, like myself, face a number of difficulties. While there are a number of issues that are plaguing the world right now, book lovers are the ones that have it the worst (Major sarcasm). Here are just some of the challenges that I and my bookworms friends have to face:

  1. I have too many books. One can never have too many books!
  2. There is a sale, I need more books! Said every bookworm ever. We can never resist a sale on our favorite items!Image result for book lover problems gif
  3. I do not have enough room for any more books. You literally begin to hide them in hopes that it creates more room. And then you realize there are books in the place you intended on hiding them that you had forgotten about.
  4. Next, you google how to make books into furniture. Because that is the only logical thing left to do with the rest of your books. Image result for john green gif
  5. Feeling like there is not enough time in the day to read. So you start coming up with creative new ways to find more reading time like at work or in the grocery store. No need to buy the right products or pay attention to where you are going.
  6. And then you accidentally spend your entire day off reading. It wasn’t on accident, you knew what you were getting into.  Image result for book lover problems gif
  7. I love that character so much, why can’t they be real?! Because a majority of the time, fiction is so much better than real life.
  8. All of the emotions you have after your favorite fictional character dies. It’s not real. I am not crying. The dust from the book got in my eyes. I need to locate some wine now. Image result for book lover problems gif
  9. When you are reading a series and the next book isn’t published yet. HOW CAN I LIVE NOT KNOWING WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM?!
  10. When a book is just so terrible, but you must painfully finish it. I can do it. Slow and steady, I got this. Oh good God I don’t care just get through!Image result for hermione book gif
  11. When you are packing for a trip and have to have a separate suitcase for all your books. Obviously, the right amount of books is more important than the right amount of underwear.
  12. When your back starts to hurt and you realize it is because you carry a book in your purse everywhere you go. You never know when I might need reading material – Bad date or a zombie apocalypse. I need to be prepared for all circumstances as to why I might need a book. Image result for hermione book gif
  13. When someone tries to talk to you while you are reading. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WANT TO HAVE A DISCUSSION RIGHT THIS SECOND?!
  14. When you pretend to be listening to a person while you are more interested in reading. Yes, yes he is a terrible man.. Sure you are so much better off. Damn, I am good at multitasking.
  15. Book Hangover – When a book is just so good that you don’t think you can handle another one. But it was just so beautiful! How can there ever be a book as good as Harry Potter?!

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It is just so hard to believe that some individuals haven’t realized how wonderful books are and what a great escape that they can be. Believe me my book lover friends, you are not alone in the pain that you face every day. There are many of us out there that know how difficult it is to get through the day as a book lover, but we are all in this together. Always remember, that you have your favorite characters and books will always be there for you in your time of need.

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