5 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip Abroad

There are few things in life I value more than traveling, so whenever I stumble across a new travel app or site, I feel compelled to share my findings with all the others wanderlust souls out there! Here are my five latest discoveries that have made my latest adventures easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  1. Splitwise

If you’re about to head on a trip with a partner or small group, this app is super handy when dealing with money and figuring out who owes who. The app is very user-friendly, lets you create new “tabs” for every trip, and disclose how purchases are split. The best part is the app’s ongoing subtotal of how in debt everyone is with one another. Plus, it’s free!!!

  1. Maps.me

For anyone traveling and not intending on buying data to use while exploring their vacation destination, this is the app for you. This free application lets us view maps and receive directions offline. Simply download the app, and then within the maps.me application, download the map for your destination before you go (or while you still have Wi-Wi-Fi/connection).

  1. Travefy

Although this is a website as opposed to an app, this site is super useful is you are sharing an itinerary with a travel partner or just trying to let your concerned mom know where you will be at all times. The website lets you choose how detailed you are with your itinerary (you can record hotel names, flight numbers, tour numbers, etc.) or for the more adventurous you can just record what city you will be in on which days and then share!

  1. Currency +

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely fallen victim to buying a $16 soup solely because I had no idea what the exchange rate on Norwegian Kroners was at the time. Currency + allows you to convert your destination currency back to your home country and sends you alerts on exchange rate trends so you can (attempt) to spend wisely as you explore.

  1. Dayuse.com

I pride myself on finding flights with extended layovers to maximize the number of places I am able to visit on one trip, but with extended layovers comes the inability to shower/nap when you want. Cue Dayuse, which allows you to search for hotels in the area that have vacant rooms you can pay to use for an afternoon at steep discounts from their regular nightly rates.

Whether your next adventure is a weekend escape of a 6-month backpacking journey through South America, I hope these apps can help make life on the road a little easier. Pass them on and share the wanderlust wealth!

Featured Image from Alexis Ren




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