Wishing Time Away Will Always Catch Up To You

As a new season of spring, my favorite time of year begins, I’m remembering the last time all the blossoms were coming out and the hours of sunlight were getting longer when I was a year younger. I hear myself saying “I can’t wait to be sweating again” as I clutched a hot coffee on my walk to work right after the holidays; I see myself sticking my face in front of an air conditioner claiming “I need to feel cold” when I moved into this new apartment a year and a half ago. Then I realize I am an adult with a full-time job. What happened to spring break in Florida with my college roommate? Where did my soccer playing days go during high school? What about trick-or-treating with my parents as a kid? I wished it all away every time I wanted different weather.

All summer long

We frolic in the heat

Running towards shade,

Cold water,

Cooler air.


Cooler air comes to stay

And suddenly we are shaking

Trying to put warmth into our bodies.


Our body stays cold

Stays dark

Stays covered

As we wish for that heat

We once pushed away.


Then the sun breaks through again

With its light

With its comfort

But again we want it something else.


All the while

The days are leaving us

Right in front of eyes.


We look back

Once each season ends

Wondering why


It all was gone in a blink of an eye.


Really it was us

It was you

It was me

That pushed time away.

Feature Image via Ariel Raee.




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