How You Can Support Marine Life With Just A Beach Towel

There are so many small online companies trying to support themselves while also supporting different movements and fundraisers all over the globe nowadays. From Tab for a Cause with its ad revenue going straight towards a variation of charities to The Big Cat Rescue offering food donations for every click on its site, the web is really connecting everyone with opportunities to help others and support some great causes.

A recent trending tag on the web has been #SavetheFishies which was actually started by an online beach towel company called Sand Cloud. The towels Sand Cloud sells are all hand-loomed in Turkey with 100% Turkish cotton. From my own scrolling, the towels look pretty pricey but they are all amazing to look at, I would totally use one as wall decor for my apartment rather than a sandy towel that gets forgotten in the back of my car.

Each purchase Sand Cloud makes even goes towards a great cause. 10% of every purchase is donated to helping protect oceans and marine life around the world. The company supports organizations such as Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and San Diego Coastkeeper which are all non-profit organizations that have global missions to help our oceans.

A few friends of mine have recently become Sand Cloud Brand Ambassadors to get the word out about how they want to #SavetheFishies. As Brand Ambassadors, they get discounts and opportunities to be featured on the company’s social media profiles every once in awhile. (Did you know Unwritten is looking for some new contributors so in the future we’ll be able to host Brand Ambassadors of our own (Check that out right over here)? We also have an online shop in case you were wondering (Get Shopping right here)!)

In an article I wrote recently I had mentioned some unfortunate discoveries on how badly polluted our oceans really are. Deep down in Mariana Trench, the deepest natural trench on Earth, scientists have found tons of old cans of Spam, including crabs using these cans as their new homes. Some other deep ocean life in Mariana Trench have been discovered to be jam packed with chemicals that are made by humans and are only used in household plastics. The life down in Mariana Trench thrive off of whatever sun-exposed life (well, food sources) that drift down to the deep dark of the Trench; so if some upper-ocean fish each plastic floating around in the water, anything that eats those fish will also be consuming that plastic as well.

If purchasing fancy beach towels helps clear up some of that plastic and pollution, I’m down! I recently purchased some stickers from Sand Cloud after they offered me $10 with a limited time coupon code for entering my email upon visiting the site. Not only do I LOVE these stickers, their quality is pretty cool; one didn’t even tear when removed and replaced on another item. The rewards program the site appears to offer looks really great too for anyone who’s into rewards programs. So, for anyone who wishes to #SupporttheFishies, check out Sand Cloud before their Spring Break sale is over!

Featured Image via Sand Cloud.




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