10 Thoughts Your Debit Card Has As You Swipe Your Money Away

We are all guilty at one point in time of swiping our cards without daring to look at our bank statements simply because we MUST have a cup coffee. As a college student, I really shouldn’t be spending my extra money on a $5 coffee, yet I find myself doing that most weeks. Here are 10 thoughts our debit cards would have if they could speak as we swipe them:

1. “Nope, nope. Please, no Starbucks for the 6th time this week within a span of 3 days. You have a coffee machine at home, c’mon now.”

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2. “Really? Ubering to class because you aren’t feeling the cold weather? This Uber could be spent better on taking you home Friday night after a night out at the bar.”

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3. “Listen, I know you’re bored in class but get off the clothing store website. I know that top is cute but let’s refer to your already-over-flooding closet full of clothes.”

4. “Walk by it, walk by it. Do not get Chipotle. You have plenty of food at home. Don’t you dare swipe me for unnecessary food!”

5. “Oh wow, the liquor store. This will be great, just drain me dry why don’t you? Yup, here we go, yeah go ahead and get two gallons of vodka… you really need that in your life, right?”

6. “Well look at that – another Uber charge. Click split the fare the next time.”

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7. “Do not – I repeat – do NOT ask for a DOUBLE vodka Redbull, get a single. Actually, get nothing… you’re already drunk!”

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8. “Oh and yet ANOTHER Uber! My God, have you people ever heard of walking?”

9. “I don’t care how good drunk food is, you put me back in your wallet and do not pay for this pizza! Nope, not even those boneless wings you like. You aren’t even hungry!

10. “Oh now you want to get brunch to recover from all those drinks I told you not to get? Hahaha, joke’s on you because I’m on empty and I’m going to get declined.”

Our poor debit cards get swiped so many times on things that we really don’t need and yet we continue to do it. Hopefully next time you’ll think before you swipe another $10 away at the bar so you’ll have money for brunch on Sunday this time around!

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