Don’t Let Your Age Hold You Back From Living

Everyone knows adulthood is a stressful and busy time of life that we all hit at some point.  Despite that very, very busy adult life we have to endure, everyone runs into a person whose advice just happens to be “live a little before it’s too late.” This one little phrase always brings out the angst in us all because we run into the itching question that is, “when is too late?”

On HitRecord, a collaboration project by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, there was a writing challenge where people had to choose a proverb, idiom, or phrase of any origin, and write for 10 minutes without stopping to edit – just write. Once the timer was up, we were to upload our thought blurbs and see what everyone had chosen. The proverb I based my response off of was “strike when the iron’s hot.” My response was primarily focused on not knowing when the iron would be hot, or ready to strike at. I wrote on and on about how nobody could truly know they’re ready to jump into something until they do it or until it’s too late. Again, this brought me back to wondering how I would know when it’s the right time or when it’s too late.

I wanted to take care of animals without having to worry about trying to balance too many pets at once or neglecting my own needs, so I become a rescue foster. Fostering animals allowed me to go out and help find some animals new homes that would love them as much as I did. An even cooler part of fostering those rescue animals was that I was fostering animals that needed the social aid that I was able to give them. I was a semi-shy high schooler who would only go out with people when I wanted to or when I felt ready; so when I fostered skittish, or aggressive animals, they knew they could trust me and feel safe with me and learned to grow and love again when they met their new families.

I wanted to write, so I found ways to get published back when I was in middle school. I loved writing poetry growing up, and I wanted to share that love with everyone I met. After some break ups and nasty concussions, I may have slowed down on the poetry track, but I have picked up the pen (or keys really) again and will never hold myself back from writing.

I wanted to see what it’d be like to live on another planet, even though I never wanted to be an astronaut.  I always wanted to help further the research in getting humanity out into space and explore what else is truly out there, from the safe confines of our atmosphere. A really cool club at my college offered me the opportunity to spend two weeks in a Mars colony simulation with an astronaut crew and space suits and all. That research project at the Mars Desert Research Station was definitely one of the cooler badges of bragging rights I’ve earned thus far.

I wanted to become financially stable in my 20’s as I’m blossoming into adulthood, so I even started my own network marketing business. The list could go on and on of all the things I have tried and accomplished but I still get asked, “why aren’t you a journalist… a veterinarian… a neurosurgeon… etc?” And of course I have different reasons and excuses for each time the question arises but I shouldn’t have to explain myself. I may not know what it is I want to settle down with career wise if I have to settle at all, but that’s okay because I still have time to figure that out.

Age is a definite factor when it comes to a lot of things in life, but that doesn’t mean I have to worry about whether I’ve done enough, or I’ve traveled enough, or I’ve found enough of myself. After all, I am still young and I still have plenty of time to do anything I set my mind to, or see anything I hope to see. I know I’m on my own path and I’ll be sure to keep learning and growing with everything I do. Be sure to remember that age does not have to hold you back if you’re busy saving up, there’s no expiration date to living it up!

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