What It’s Like To Love Someone Until You Have Nothing Left

This is my first poem for Unwritten, or anywhere else for that matter. Sometimes you love more, harder, give your all, to find that there’s nothing left in you. This poem is my journey through the crumble.

I should have picked up and left
Walked out when I had the chance
When I was pushed
When the door was open
But still, I stood.

I should have realized then that it wouldn’t work
Stopped begging and started breathing
When I was stronger
When this was younger
But there I stood.

I dreamed the love for so long
Built this house
Loved. Lived. Lost.
But it was all on my own.

Now here I am
Making plans and staying busy
Hoping things are what they seem
Slowly crumbling.

Until you achieve all of your dreams
Built the life you’ve always wanted
And I’m gone.

Featured Image via Brooke Cagle.



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