Millennials Aren’t As Stupid & Self-Obsessed As You May Think

Okay previous generations, let’s chat real quick: Millennials aren’t stupid. Really, we aren’t. We have a world of knowledge at our fingertips, thanks to the technology you created. We can look anything up in a matter of seconds, and know everything that we need to know. We have made use of the technology we have at our hands. While not everyone in our generation is great at using this benefit that was handed down to us, most of us will make great use of it.

We will build upon this technology to create the cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, which in turn, will save your life in the future. We will be the generation that helps bring new ideas to the table because we will be able to learn from your mistakes and build upon them, just as past generations have.

We have created a voice for ourselves, which you may not like, that will be used in the future to make America a place for everyone. We will make our mistakes, just like you did. But we will make great strides with our mistakes, just like you as well. We will live and we will learn. We are the same as past generations, but yet different. We have our own sense of right and wrong. But we will go through the same phases you all have before us.

The older generations out there simply aren’t fans of our “Millennial Lifestyle,” and that’s okay. We spend our days in school or at work, but rather than confining ourselves to the newspaper and a cup of coffee, we are always connected. Our parents figured out how to integrate the internet and cell phones into their working world, but we’ve grown up using these resources in all other areas of our lives. From Amber Alert pop-ups to Words With Friends, our phones, computers, and even now our TVs are helping to keep this world connected with the news and our friends and families. Another aspect of that crazy “Millennial Lifestyle” is knowledge. We are a lot more involved with our governments than previous generations, not from learning any recent news in schools, but from the internet! Not to mention that millennials are the ones correcting our parents when they share those fake news sources articles with crazy rants about how our generation is ruining everything.

We millennials see ourselves as an accepting, open-minded generation. We are very open and welcoming to the LGBTQ community as we’ve grown up around them. We have accepted the first male CoverGirl, and we have all wanted tips on his makeup. We are willing to talk about sex, or sexuality, more casually or openly than any generation before us – and not with the nasty stigma older generations carry over it all.

Our generation brought to light so many changes that older generations have simply nudged away to their complaint boxes. A few years before I graduated high school, teachers had to go through rigorous courses of their own on how to identify any bully-related behaviors in victims or bullies themselves. This movement started a little rough with toddlers nearly being sent to juvenile detention centers, but with time, schools have learned that these situations can be way more serious and damaging to individuals and society if they are glossed over lightly.

Unlike the generations before us, we do not settle for “good enough.” We have learned that adventures, passions, and loves are good for us. We have learned from their struggles that settling simply isn’t good enough, especially not in our fast-paced world. We don’t all plan to work until we almost die, retire, then die without having actually done anything with our lives. We even find ways to make money during these crazy acts thanks to that crazy internet thing we’re always trying to stay connected to.

We may make some stupid mistakes, but the world hasn’t given up on us quite yet, and neither should you older generations. We watched you be you, throughout the good and bad times you all had, now it’s our turn to take the torch and run. You all taught us who to be and how to live, so you better be ready to watch what we bring with us out into the world for our own good, or bad – we’ll just have to see, live and learn.

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella and Ky Grabowski.

Featured Image via Pexels.




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