Maroon 5 Drops New Single And The Music Video Will Have You Tripping Balls

Maroon 5 just released a new music video for their song “Cold” Ft. Future, and it is probably the trippiest thing we’ve seen in years. Seriously.

It starts off with a series of phone calls but eventually leads to Adam Levine getting drugged from a drink at the bar. From there it just turns into people with animal heads, sexual references, lap dances, and underwater weddings. The whirlwind of colors and shapes is hard to keep up with but you can’t look away either. Definitely, something that can only be described as a hallucination. Either that or Future has some really crazy parties.

It has the best ending though. Can you imagine laying in bed with your spouse trying to tell them everything you saw in a hallucination and them just ignoring you? I know my significant other would. Sleep is definitely the priority here.

The song itself is classic Maroon 5; extremely catchy with a solid beat. Definitely good for that post-Valentine’s day break up because, let’s be honest, you will be “Cold” to each other. It will DEFINITELY be their next hit!

10/10 Unwritten approved!

Check the video out for yourself here:

Featured Image via screengrab from Cold.



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