6 Board Games That Should Make A Major Comeback

Before video games and iPhone apps, we relied on “board” games for a fun night in with family and friends. Yes, board games, those things that are created with cardboard and glue that require imagination and literal, rather than virtual, interaction to be played.

Us millennials grew up with board games like Monopoly, Guess Who, and Life. The only “hi-tech” gadgets we had to play with were Sega, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, or Sony Playstation. (Feeling nostalgic yet?)

Millennials and Gen Z  are now obsessed with games such as Call of Duty and Madden, but if you ask me, the games we enjoyed as children were infinitely better. Back then memories were created around the dining room table and living room floor. Playstation and Xbox may get all the glory these days, but nothing can replace the joy and nostalgia those games brought to your childhood.

Gamer, Andy Hopwood told the press that he has observed a huge increase in the number of board game lovers, adding that it explains the growing popularity of the UK Games Expo – the country’s annual hobby games convention. Andy, who created a racing game, Zoom Zoom Kaboom that won the Best Board Game in the 2012 edition of the UK Games Expo, said that the stereotype that board games are only appealing to bearded middle-aged men is fast fading.

If you’re anything like us, you probably get an unhealthy level of enjoyment from unwrapping decks of cards, punching out all the plastic and cardboard play pieces, and carefully reading the instructions on the inside cover out loud. With that being said, why don’t we keep this trip down memory lane going and revisit some of our favorite board games of all time?


Monopoly was said to be created by a lady who wanted to learn the evils of corporate greed. We can all relate to literally flipping the board game over in frustration or the whole damn table. This game is known for ruining relationships, friendships, and tearing families apart. You spend a few minutes buying real estate and trying to dominate the game’s internal economy, and financially run other players aground. But the best part about this game was watching everyone end up bankrupt, and robbing the bank when no one was looking. Who knew Monopoly could create such criminals?

Chutes and Ladders

You can definitely learn a couple life lessons from playing this game. You find a ladder to climb up, then you encounter a huge chute and down you go. And it’s just a constant three-steps-forward-ten-steps-back dance.


This is a favorite classic that is as much entertaining as it is intellectual. You line up your best words and see if you can scramble your opponent’s word flow.


Bingo isn’t just meant for your grandparents. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular games in the world. It’s a game of luck & chance and there is literally no skill involved. So if you have any trouble coming up with what to put on your resume under “skills” this game is definitely for you. 

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Trivial Pursuit

There’s really nothing trivial about Trivial Pursuits for adults, as the challenge and reward offer so much interest and appeal to them. This makes adults give the game a focus as kids would normally do with their toy games.

The Game of Life

As kids, you always envisioned what your life would be when you finally grow up and this board game played into all the possibilities. From your profession to your house and family, The Game of Life, let you live in a fantasy world of what your life could be when you’re older.

If you’re looking to recreate the laughter, fun, and cheery mood that dominated these games back in the good ole days when we were growing up, you should whip out the dusty old board games and make a fun family night in one night. Or if you didn’t keep the old board games and don’t feel like paying $50 for them at the store or online, you can certainly get loads of satisfaction on PayPal bingo sites.

Comment below what were some of your favorite board games you played while growing up!

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