5 Things That’ll Keep You Sane When You’re Too Busy

College can be crazy. It’s even crazier with a full schedule. Maybe you are taking 18-21 credit hours and feel like everything you do revolves around school. As of right now, I completely understand. You are stressed to the max, feel like you are forgetting simple tasks, worried about making ends meet and have zero time to relax (even for just a second). When you have a full plate of classes on your hands, all you can do is get your shit together and make it the best of the situation. So with that being said, here are a few things you can do to make life easier.

Get a planner

Buy a planner. Like a really nice, pretty, big planner. Something that is very attractive in your eyes. Something you LIKE to look at. Whether it’s puppies, flowers, attractive men (or ladies) find something you would like to use and see every day. This makes you a lot more likely to use it compared to the one’s schools giveaway.

Actually use aforementioned planner

Okay, so you got that pretty little planner. USE IT. Like really use it. Make notes in it, write down assignment due dates, test dates, date nights, girls nights outs, appointments, work hours, pretty much anything that can be scheduled. Once you fill in everything that has to be done, plan out time to do each item. If you know that homework assignment is going to take an hour to do, block out an hour before the due date to complete the assignment. If you know you are going to need 4 hours to study for that test, block out the time. Once everything is filled out and planned, you can see how much free time you have. You can use this free time for relaxation and Netflix.

Find a balance

The biggest thing you must do is find a balance. Make sure you put down enough time to complete each activity and make sure you plan time for yourself. If you can spare an hour lunch with friends, make plans! If you have 45 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon with nothing to do, go get a pedicure. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself and make sure you #TreatYoSelf once in awhile. It will clear your mind so you can focus on what you need too.

Stop procrastinating

Yep. I said it. You wrote everything down, planned your day, and made a pretty little schedule for yourself, make sure you do everything on your schedule on time. Procrastination is your worst enemy with a busy schedule. That is exactly how you “forget” you had an assignment due, or a test that day. Find self-motivation and just get what needs to be done, done. It will help you rest easier at night.

Write everything down

WRITE. EVERYTHING. DOWN. Seriously. Don’t think to yourself “Oh I will remember it later” because you won’t. Keep a small notebook and just jot down specifics on an assignments or items you need to purchase. Make lists of everything that needs to be accomplished around the house. Just write it down, and keep that notebook with that planner you are now using.

Keeping a busy schedule is mentally and physically exhausting. Remember that when you are constantly busy, things are bound to slip your mind and mishaps are sure to happen so don’t take it too hard on yourself. As long as you remember to do the majority of your work and get almost everything that needs to be done completed, you will succeed in taking on a crazy busy schedule. Follow the tips above and make this semester a super successful, and organized semester. Good luck!

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