Crazy, Tragic World News From 2017 That Isn’t About Trump

In a world where everyone feels self-centered at least once in a lifetime, America tends to act like the center of the universe. When it comes to America’s international ties, it can be pretty obvious that the result of the presidential elections has some unpredictable future aspects. When it comes to the news around the globe, believe it or not, but Trump isn’t everything. Four unfortunate news stories happened to catch my eye this month, and I certainly hope they do not mark the future of 2017 as a whole.

Iceland’s Own Murder Mystery

Throughout January, Iceland experienced its largest Search and Rescue mission ever conducted which came to a “tragic end,” according to IceNews. Birna Brjánsdóttir, 20, had been missing for 8 days when her body had been found on a shore near Selvogsviti lighthouse, south of Reykjavik on January 22. It is extremely unusual for a crime of this intensity to come about for the country of Iceland and so far, 2 men (claiming innocent) have been arrested for Birna’s blood having been found in their rental vehicle. 725 volunteers participated in the SAR mission, assisting the Icelandic Coast Guard, all to bring the beautiful country together during such a trying time.

While the US Had Clowns, the UK Had Knives

It turns out that during 2016, a knife or blade was used in a crime every 16 minutes on average according to BBC. Knife crimes across England and Wales seem of have risen about 11% in 2016. U.K. citizens fear the crime rates are rising to levels seen back in 2010, and authorities are hopeful in their efforts for 2017.

Dolphins Still Can’t Get a Break From Tourists in Argentina

According to NY Post, the third dolphin in a year has been killed thanks to selfie-taking tourists. A dolphin calf was found suffering on a beach in San Bernardo, south of Buenos Aires, where it was surrounded by a crazy crowd that was kicking, screaming, and waving smartphones. Had someone returned the calf back to the water rather than grabbing it to take a picture, it would’ve been, physically, okay; mentally, maybe not, we’ll never know for sure.

South America is Filled With Disaster

As flash floods overtake the land across Peru, Bolivia and Chile are taking a harder hit. The flash floods starting all over Peru are sending way too much water crashing into Bolivia, resulting in many more landslides than anyone can keep up with. The landslides are swallowing up buildings, and small villages, whole. While the flooding is affecting Bolivia by the gallon, Chile is dealing with its own state of emergency in the opposite direction: wildfires. NPR reports that “Chile is experiencing their worst wildfire in its history. So far at least 10 people have been found dead, and among them are numerous firefighters. Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, confirmed this herself, and her administration declared Chile to be in a state of emergency, begging for “any international assistance possible.”

The world could possibly be coming towards its untimely demise with Donald Trump leading America and so many disasters plaguing the continents. It can be quite depressing to start off the year with such heartbreak in the news, but it can really help spark some hope for the helping hands between the countries. Once these disasters pass and we all move on, there may be some more unexpected obstacles that arise from time to time, but that’s okay. Humans may be naive and sensitive, but they sure know how to pick up the pieces and move on towards better days.

Featured Image via Pexels.




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