Why You Should Choose Music Over Men Every Time

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He makes my heart race. He knows all the right words to say. He knows just how to touch me in a way that I have never been touched. He leaves me feeling satisfied every single time.

He is everywhere, yet he is close. He is open to everyone, yet he is all mine. He is always trying new things, yet he is a creature of habit. He is beautiful, yet he can get dark.

He is always letting me be myself. He is always showing me a different side to myself that I didn’t know existed. He is the only one that knows me. He is my own little therapist.

He can get me so hyped up, yet he could put me to sleep. He can make me feel badass and unstoppable, yet he can make me feel calm and reassured. He can give me a greater understanding, yet he can leave me curious.

He has no selfish needs. He never wants anything in return. He never breaks his promise. He is never going to leave with no explanation. He is never going to leave me hanging when I need him the most. He is reliable. He always follows through.

He makes me forget, yet he helps me to remember. He can make me cry, yet a minute later he can make me smile again. He makes me see the world for what it is, yet he can make me see all that it could be.

He always has a solution to my problems. He heals me. He opens my mind to new ways of thinking. He has no judgment. He has no issue with how much I use him. He lets me release any type of emotion I need to release. He gets me.

He is my punching bag, yet he is my comforting teddy bear. He is my addiction, yet he is my saving grace. He is my first love, yet he is my soul mate.

I am in love. I am in so deep. I am in over my head.

I just wish I could find someone to love as much as I love music.

There is this feeling of pure butterflies when music is around. It is this rush of excitement, exhilaration, and overwhelming gratitude that something as beautiful as music could be out there in the world. It is a feel that is really indescribable. If you haven’t been lucky enough to have this feeling, you have been doing it all wrong.

I know that might sound crazy, consider some think that it is “just music,” but maybe you just haven’t found your song. That song that makes you want to dance around and scream, “I AM IN LOVE!” That song that makes you feel like you are on top of the world and that you really could do anything. While it doesn’t happen often, there is a song out there for everyone! I am assuming this is a similar feeling you have when you are in love with someone (a human). Don’t be afraid to try something new and find that musical love!

There are worse things to be in love with, such as: assholes, feet, earwax sculptures, or Oprah. If you are an individual like myself and find yourself over the moon every time you see your favorite artist is coming to town or can not contain yourself when your favorite song comes on, just know you are not alone. And if that doesn’t help enough, just think of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. If she could be in love with her pizza, then you most certainly are allowed to be in love with music.Related image

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