Rhonda Rousey Finally Breaks Silence After Devastating Loss

Ronda Rousey has finally broken her silence after her crushing comeback loss to Amanda Nunes.

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This post has some strong words for her haters out there and the non-believers. Many thought her most recent fight would ultimately be her last.

Rousey’s comeback to competitive fighting lasted a short 48 seconds in UFC 207. You could see it in her face and body language just how devastatingly crushed she was. She skipped the press conference and remained silent on social media since her December 30th match.

This revealing post gives fans a hint that her fighting career may not be over yet, and that she’s using this loss to fuel her fire and become the best of her sport once again.

Whether you like to admit it or not, Rousey paved the way for women in UFC and became one of the most talked about athletes of our generation. With her impressive winning streaks, confidence, drive she became an inspiration to women around the world.

To put it in simplest terms: She’s only lost two matches in her UFC career. This recent one, and to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in 2015 (which was during the height of her career).Basically her two most recent fights.

It’s been no secret to fans that she had been struggling in the ring, particularly mentally. It doesn’t take a diehard sports fan to know when an athlete has truly lost their confidence, and the world could tell she was out for the count before the fight even started.

Let her story be a lesson that once you get knocked down, you can get back up and you can succeed again. Big changes are coming to Rousey’s future and when you hit rock bottom, you can only go back up.

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