What Happens When You Quit Dieting For Good

I started writing this as a self-help piece on why one shouldn’t diet for mental health reasons. It was just a few thoughts on a blank page, to begin with, but morphed itself into somewhat of a poem, you could say. There are huge companies and step-by-step programs based on telling people how, when, what to eat. But this not only alters one’s body; it alters one’s mind. And in my opinion, a lot of these diets are why so many are suffering from eating disorders and why there is a mental health correlation between those suffering. Constantly punishing yourself for enjoying a treat or not allowing your body to have a break isn’t good for your brain.

When there is something controlling you, there is an urge to break free.
With those calories hanging their numbers over our heads,
And those commercials taunting us with their catchy slogans.

When you’re trying to avoid something, it has a way of finding you.
It sneaks up when you’re out for a drink;
It sits, staring you down, on lunch break at the office.

When we leave it alone,
When we don’t give it the satisfaction,
That is when we are in control.

To live your life around a set of rules is not living at all.
To deny your body and mind indulgences is torturous.
To create a sound balance is where true freedom lies.

Do not let a program control you and you will learn self-control.
Give in a little now;
Restrain yourself later.

Allow yourself to enjoy, to eat, to evolve,
Into the healthy version of yourself,
No one else’s.

Feature Image via We Heart It.




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