7 Times You Wish You Never Grew Up

I have said it before and I will say it again, I miss being a kid. When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up! We had high hopes for our lives and believed in the magic of being a powerful, unstoppable adult! We could drive, we could live on our own, we could even eat anything we wanted because we didn’t have our parents telling us what to do. And then, we grew up and realized that adult life is all just a scam.

Why did we wish our lives away? Why didn’t we take a moment to embrace all of the fun, non-responsible times we could have been having? Why didn’t we just stay in bed with Spongebob Squarepants, eating our Lucky Charms and refuse to grow up? Why didn’t we listen to Peter Pan when he said, “DON’T GROW UP!”

Here is what I majorly miss about childhood:

A time before work took over your life. We thought we could work at our dream job. We all would be actresses, astronauts, writers, strippers… Whatever our hearts desired! Now some of us are lucky enough to be living those dreams, but is it exactly what you imagined it to be? Is making out with Channing Tatum really that fabulous? I’m still at a desk in a cube 40 hours a week, so I can not tell you. Most of us are really living that dream.

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A time before responsibility. We thought it would be all fun and games to be able to do whatever we wanted. I am sorry my friend, but adults face consequences. Some things damage your bank account, some things damage your criminal record, and some things will just damage your reputation. Either way, we are not unstoppable.

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A time before driving. We thought it would be great to drive wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted and then we realize it was pretty much to work and to the grocery store. There are also the factors of rush hour, other crazy drivers on the road and having to pay attention at all times so you are not rear-ending one of those crazy drivers, but those are just minor details when it comes to “adulting”.

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A time before fatigue. We thought we would always have the energy we once did. Now we would accept a coffee IV if it was possible. We actually look forward to naps! We even set aside time in our busy schedules for “cat naps.” What have we become?


A time before bills. We thought it would be great that we would be able to buy whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Until we realized that we would have to pay it all back and at high-interest rates. It’s like every time we see our bank account we die a little more inside.

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A time before taxes. We thought jobs entitled us to make a lot of money until the harsh reality of other adults taking that money away from you comes into play. We should have enjoyed getting paid under the table; AKA doing your household chores. We work our lives away to have half of it taken away in one swift kick of the taxes douchebag. It is just a punch to the ovary every time we see how much we should be making versus how much we bring home.

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A time before when the weekend was our down time. We thought weekends were the best and could only get better when we grew up! We were in for a rude awakening when we learned that our “down time” turned into cleaning, running errands and sometimes even involved working. How can two precious days be taken away by the responsibility of being an adult? Even if we do get a weekend, we are too tired from everything else in adult life to live; thanks to Netflix for at least saving us a little on this one!

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I am sure I am not alone when I say I miss being a kid. While I do appreciate every day on this Earth, because a lot of people didn’t get to make it as far as I have, I still miss it. I miss when times seemed easier. I miss when times seemed more fun. Most of all, I miss being able to eat whatever I want and not have to go straight to my muffin top.

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