The Ultimate Guide To Staying Away From Cheaters

It is often said that guys and girls can not be friends with each other. Why? Because one of them wants to sleep with the other one. Let’s face it, when you have sexual feelings for someone, it makes it difficult to be able to have an actual friendship. You can not just sit down and have coffee together without picturing the other person naked. While you may think that it is possible, that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes from a male point of view.

This is especially the case with men who have girlfriends. It is perfectly fine to be friendly with them when you all go out for drinks or are at a party together, but there is a fine line between the friend zone and that dangerous cheating zone. You may think that you are okay and that you would never cross that line, but even the smallest thing you do may to may give him the “go ahead” sign. There are even bigger signs that he can give when he is trying to feel you out.

Here are some signs to tell you if he is more into you than you think for all the wrong reasons:

If most of the things he tells you are compliments.

What girl doesn’t want compliments?! A girl who is receiving them from a man with a girlfriend. If most of the conversation revolves around him telling you that you are the perfect woman and all the qualities he likes about you, he is trying to sleep with you. While he may just be a nice guy, no man thinks to give you a compliment every time they talk to you unless they are trying to butter you up.

If he is using Snapchat to talk to you.

Not the most factual point, but from my own personal experience, if he is using Snap to talk to you, he is hiding something. He kind of wants you to disappear, literally. While you could be having a good chat on there, your conversation is not being saved on that phone. Meaning: his girlfriend will not be seeing it. If he really needs to talk, he can call or text.

If he uses a lot of sexual innuendos.

While most boys can play them off as if they are being funny, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have note of seriousness to them. He wants to see how far he can take it. He wants to see how you are going to react. If you are game, most likely he will be too.

If he brings up hypothetical scenarios that involve you and him together.

Example: “If I wasn’t with my girlfriend, would you date me?” That is never hypothetical, he decided you are his new flavor of the week. Men need a sure fire thing if it comes to losing their stability in the bedroom and this is his way of figuring this out.

If he point blank says he would like to hang out with you, but doesn’t want his girlfriend to know about it.

BINGO. Tap out. Done. He is moving in for the kill and he is ready to make you his. He is not worried she will get the wrong idea, he knows she will know what he has been up to and his game will be over. This is the time when you do not just back away slowly, but you Forrest Gump your way out of the situation and RUN.

It is extremely difficult for guys and girls to be friends without “extra” feelings getting involved. Make sure you both are on the same page. If you start to feel that he is moving in a different direction than you want to take the friendship, be up front with him about it. There is no need to beat around the bush when it comes to this. Be upfront, be honest and make sure he knows you aren’t here for his fun and games.

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