5 Secret Steps To Making This Year Your B*tch

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“But there you go for the last time

I finally know now what I should have known then

And I could still be ruthless if you let me..”

Something Corporate – Ruthless

As I sit here listening to one of my favorite Something Corporate songs, I can’t help but think of all the moments where life has changed the past couple years. In just the short amount of time from your early twenties to your late twenties, you feel “adult life” begin to take it’s toll on you, and hopefully, that isn’t even half of your life yet. The more we age, the more we let the world bring us down to its gloomy level. The more responsibility we take on, the more we hinder our own view of what life should really be. The older we get, the more we have a lack-lust view on life.

This “adult life” we all rush into is never as easy as we hope it to be. We are bogged down by bills. We let ourselves be crushed by our own dreams. We are crying over expectations that are set too high and then feel as though we have lost our footing when we don’t achieve them. We are literally damaging ourselves every day that we go through life thinking that this is the way life is supposed to be; all work, no play and copious amounts of alcohol to just get through it. When did we become so afraid to let ourselves not only live, but enjoy it?

What happened to the fearlessness we had as children? When we weren’t afraid to get down and dirty (I am talking about getting into some mud puddles and not worrying about messing up our clothes, you pervs). When we didn’t care what other people thought of us (except maybe what brand of backpack you had in school or who was sitting by whom on the bus). When we used to be able to jump and not fear falling (off the swing set, duh). When we truly felt ruthless.

That is what we need in 2017! Not a new version of the iPhone or more ridiculous reality shows. We need to find our ruthlessness! And here’s how we are going to do it:

  1. Take some time off! You know you have that extra vacation time saved up. Use it already! Your annoying job, angry co-workers and overwhelming workload will still be there when you get back. You are given vacation time for a reason. Use it! And do not feel guilty about it for one second!Image result for ruthless gif
  2. Do something spontaneous! Go to the casino and upgrade from the penny machines to the nickles. Get all dolled up and go out to eat at a restaurant you have never been before. Get a tattoo (On second thought, you may want to research and think about that for a hot minute). Just do something not planned and out of the ordinary of your daily routine!Image result for im going to be spontaneous gif
  3. Treat yo’self! You have been looking at those earrings in the magazine for weeks. You know you are going to wear them every day, show them off and cherish them more than a small child. Go out and buy them already! You work hard for your money so treat yourself right!Image result for treat yo self gif
  4. Take a chance! You like him, call him! Don’t overthink it; Just put yourself out there and give it a try. The worst he could do is say no, but he might have a twin who likes you even more! It is worth the risk!Image result for take a chance gif
  5. Remember what it is like to have fun! Your definition of fun may be completely different than everyone else’s and that is okay! It is your time; embrace it! Remember what it is like to get back out there and start enjoying life again!    Image result for take a chance gif

As we bring in the New Year, let’s forget resolutions. Let’s not set any goals that are unattainable and let’s be realistic for what we really need in our lives. Let’s put adult life on pause for a moment and get back to the root of what makes us happy! Let us learn how to prioritize our lives and remember what it is like to live! Let’s get back to being ruthless!Image result for take a chance gif

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