Why We Will Always Be Unfinished Business

Have you ever seen someone and felt drawn to them right away? You just looked at them and knew that you wanted to get to know them. One smile in your direction and you were hooked. At first, it seemed close to perfect, but it didn’t play out like I imagined it would.

I’m trying to get you out of my head but it’s a lot easier said than done. I know you’re not good for me, but I can’t help myself. I feel like your name is everywhere, you’re everywhere. I run into you so much that it doesn’t feel coincidental anymore. The memories I have of you keep creeping into my mind. I hope to see your name pop up on my phone screen. My friends tell me to distract myself, but I am distracted by you.

I have so many thoughts when you come to mind. I’ve been trying to write them down, but every piece seems to be left unfinished, maybe because I feel like we are unfinished. I don’t know how we will end, but I hope it’s not like this.

Every time I try to get over you, I see you standing there, right in front of me. Looking at me with your eyes, and that’s when everything changes. I change my mind about you. I feel good about myself, you make me feel good about myself. When I’m with you everything is comfortable because I feel like I can be myself around you. It’s a feeling I want to hold on to. You make me feel beautiful and confident until you don’t anymore.

Once you’re out of sight, you take all those great feelings away with you.

This piece seems unfinished, but that’s because everything about us is unfinished.

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