Don’t Be Afraid To Take An Extra Semester

To give you a little background I am a third-year university student, who switched majors. I entered school with the intention of getting a business information technology degree but I quickly learned that it wasn’t for me. I dreaded going to class and counted the minutes until I could leave. I often didn’t go to class at all. My grades were slipping and I was unhappy. I looked at other majors and saw the perfect one for me, business real estate.

Telling my parents I wanted to switch majors was extremely challenging. I was scared of their reaction to taking an extra semester. At first, I told them that if I took extra classes in the summer, I would be caught up in no time and would be able to graduate after my four years, the traditional way. Now, looking at how busy I am, it feels really unlikely that I’m going to be able to finish in the four years.

For a while, I was mad at myself for not being able to get it done. But then I thought; what happens if I take an extra semester? Not much. It’s definitely not life changing, so why am I so fixated on being done in four years? And then it came to me.

We find ourselves wanting to follow the norm.

Everyone’s path is different and mine contains four and a half years at a school. We need to stop worrying about these small things and look at the bigger picture. In the grand scheme, one semester out of your whole life is just a small fraction, a detail that we will hardly remember.

Taking the time to spread out school has given me so many opportunities. During my time in school, I have been able to accomplish more than school. I work 20+ hours a week, write for the coolest blog, have a great social life, and get to spend a fair amount of time with my family. These are things that I will remember from university, not the extra semester so do what’s right for you!

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