Saying Goodbye To The House You Grew Up In

I lived in the same house for twelve years of my life, from grade one to twelve, age 6 to 17. I grew up in a smallish suburban town where you’re bound to run into someone you know at the grocery store or if you go to the mall. Small enough to run into people but big enough that there is something for everyone to do on weekends. I went to one elementary school and one high school, I never had the distress of switching to a new school or making new friends. I had my first room that was entirely my own. I got to paint it any color I wanted, so, of course, I chose baby pink. Don’t worry, it changed to teal and mint green once I had gotten a little older.

That home was my house of firsts, the good and bad. My first school dance, high school party, and first heartbreak. If you think about all the phases you went through growing up, most of them took place in that house. I remember that at one point I thought I was going to be a YouTube sensation, I filmed videos in my room for years. Let’s just say I spent a lot of hours in that bedroom of mine.

You don’t realize how attached you are to your house until your parents remind that it’s time to move and you can’t stop yourself from bawling your eyes out. The day you come home and you see a sale sign in your lawn and all you can think about is how much trouble you would get in if you kicked it down. When your parents tell you to leave the house for a few hours while there is a showing for a potential buyer and you think of how you can sabotage the sale. I did all of this.

It’s hard to let go of the place you call home. It’s so comfortable and you think it’ll always be there until one day you realize it won’t be. That house was one of the many constants in my life, one that I struggled to let go of.

It’s been a year and a half since I moved out of that house and for a while my new house felt foreign. Like it wasn’t my house. Don’t worry, soon your new house becomes your home and the house you grew up in just becomes your old house. A place you think about from time to time and smile because it was a huge part of your life. Know that it’ll be okay, you’ll feel good knowing you can move on, it’s a part of life! As you get older you learn that sometimes you have to let go of things and in this case, it was your house, your old house that is.

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