Taylor Swift And Zayn Surprise Fans With A Sexy Duet

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik released a brand new single last night and shocked fans around the world. The track is called I Don’t Wanna Live Forever and it is absolute GOLD. The unlikely duo outdid themselves on this track, which will more than likely be the highlight of the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

Taylor Swift posted a sample of the track last night on Instagram and Zayn posted a picture of him with Swift on his instagram as well. This social media tease got fans and music lovers around the globe to boost the new song to iTunes’ top charts in under an hour.

Taylor Swifts Insta Clip:

#fiftyshadesdarker #idontwannaliveforever

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Zayn’s Twitter:

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever has a solid beat, with more of a romantic feel. This makes this track absolutely perfect for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

With every new song Taylor Swift comes out with comes a wave of negativity to try to push her back down. As I Don’t Wanna Live Forever climbs its way up the charts her haters claim with this track she’s defying all feminism. This isn’t surprising because of the amount of backlash the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise gets as a whole.

This is the first time Taylor Swift has dropped new music since ‘1989’, and it was definitely worth the wait. This track is a rarity for Taylor Swift since she generally doesn’t do collaborations. There should definitely be more to come from her. As it stands, the stars that have come together for this amazing new song will be starting off 2017 with a very happy New Year.

Featured Image Via Zayn Malik



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