If You Don’t Travel In Your Lifetime, You’re Wasting Your Time

In the smallest towns across the world, there are those charming small town locals, who are always so sweet to meet during your travels. Don’t be fooled, though, even they have gone out and realized there’s a whole world to explore. It’s okay if you don’t travel around the whole world, but be sure to get out and see some sights far from your hometown while you’re growing up. Whether you go to college, or not, and whether your college is close to home, or not, are both very big decisions, and you shouldn’t have to just stop there when you plan on traveling.

I made my college decision after applying to way too many schools, and I chose one very far away from home. My hometown is a tiny one-horse and corn town smack dab in the center of New Jersey (we have a tiny sign on a Christmas tree farm to prove it). Growing up in such a small town leads to only a handful of high schoolers graduating, and an even smaller handful leaving the town, and an even smaller handful coming back. My university, on the other hand, is all the down in Daytona Beach, Florida. When I first left for my first year at college, I felt like I was moving to a whole new country judging by the size of everything down in Florida, but that didn’t stop me from wanting more.

When I had the chance to spend two weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station, isolation experiment aside, of course, I went! The crew and I flew our way from Orlando, Florida to Denver, Colorado right as the biggest blizzard since the 80’s was coming towards us, but that was only the beginning. We drove from Denver, Colorado all the way through the most beautiful mountains any of us had ever seen in a raging blizzard to Grand Junction, Colorado. We spent Christmas in a small hotel while we were snowed in, and we managed to get out and explore the tiny town while we could.

Grand Junction has its own small mountainous areas filled with dinosaur fossils and haunting echoes, leaving each of us with some of the most memorable moments from our twenties. After playing in the snow, we drove from Grand Junction, Colorado past a whole lot of deserted nothingness until we reached Hanksville, Utah. Despite the two weeks research-based stay at the station, which I will never stop reminding my friends I went to, the group of us as a whole definitely felt a little different about life after our travels.

Whether you want to live your life experiencing as many “firsts” as you can, or if you’re trying to conquer some fears you have, this is your sign that you should go out and do it. Fear of flying? Grab a buddy and a $20 plane ticket to anywhere, and boom, you’re done. Trying to take your first time out of your home country on your own, while riding your first flight, to your first time in a new country? That might be a whole lot of firsts, but if you’re ready to go, go ahead and do it!

There may come a time when you can’t go out and travel like a 20-30-40-year-old, maybe there will be a time you can’t even move or think like a 20-30-40-year-old but if you can find a way to go somewhere new, or even travel to a favorite place, what’s stopping you?

If your only roadblocks are ever only just excuses, then your only real obstacle, is yourself. If you don’t want to travel alone, which is totally okay, you can find a friend, family member, or even a stranger who wouldn’t mind going to see someplace new with you. If you’re worried about money, there are always part-time jobs out there that you can use the money to save up for the trips with. There are also scholarships available in some cases like for students. If you’re a student, contact your study abroad office and see what opportunities are available or will be available from your own college. The possibilities are endless, the destinations are unimaginable, and the memories are priceless.

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