5 Things You’ll Always Turn To Your Older Sibling For

No matter how much it pains us to admit it, all of us older siblings love our younger siblings to pieces. They come in all ages and forms, and if you’re as lucky as me, the two (or three, or four) of you will be closer than peas in a pod. They’re your other half, your ride-or-die, and your partner-in-crime. You can always count on each other, from the most mundane of favors to those serious, late night ‘real-talks.’ That doesn’t mean you don’t annoy them – of course, you do. But that’s what makes you an older sib. And no matter where you are, or how old you are, you will always be guilty of these five things.

1. Life Advice

So what if we’re only a few years older? We have a big, bubbling fountain of knowledge just waiting to be shared. We’ve got the answer to almost anything. Where to get the best burrito ever? We got your back. How to pass the calculus test? Maybe look somewhere else.  

2. Digging Up Your Love Life

Nothing is more scandalous than a new crush on the horizon. We want to know every detail, from the day you met them to the color of their eyes. Are they smart? Are they nice? We want to know it all – we’ll even Facebook stalk them for you if you’re too afraid. Hey, we just want the best for you. And if you feel a little squeamish along the way, well, that’s just a bonus.

3. Pulling Freakishly Unexpected Pranks

After years of practice, I can safely say that the surprise scare never gets old. There’s never really a plan or even a shady motive behind it. We just go for it, and let fear run its course. Of course, we’ll always apologize but it’s a temptation we just can’t ignore.

4. Calling For Help With Literally Everything

Why make it a one-person job when it can be two? Whether it’s doing the laundry or running to the grocery store, everything is better when you’re in good company. We will always ask you to tag along, whether you’d like to or not.  

5. Using The Words “Don’t Tell Mom”

We’re happy to share the ins and outs of our fantastical, grown-up life, but some things are just meant to be kept secret. Mom doesn’t need to know about the time we slipped up on the calculus test, or that we got in at 4 AM and not midnight. You keep our secrets and we’ll keep yours.

Believe me, we know we can be annoying. But there are just some bonds that can’t be broken, and (un)luckily for you, this is one of them. I’ve made my little brother sit through more rom-com marathons than you can count, and I can still remember the terror on his face the first time I got behind the wheel after getting my license. But this is a two-way thing: we teach each other new things all the time. Life is always different through someone else’s lens, and I love getting to see it. So to all you little siblings out there, thanks for doing what you do. We don’t know what we’d do without you.

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