How Writing Continues To Save My Life Every Day

Writing can be done for so many purposes and each method can mean something different to the author behind the words. For some, writing is just equivalent to school, work or something that isn’t optional. Those people have no idea the power that lies within an activity they dread. This power exists when you make the decision to write outside of anything required of you when writing becomes a task to complete for yourself and no one else.

It can be an outlet for people who feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to or anyone they can talk to about something specific. It’s a form of therapy that is not only free, financially but absolutely frees your mind from burdens and distractions.

Writing is a place where you don’t have to censor your thoughts and words, but can speak freely in any manner you choose. You can choose your audience or your lack of one. You can choose what to write, when to write and how you write because, in the end, the person who will gain the most from it will always be you.

No matter the place you’re in mentally or emotionally, writing will always do more good than harm.

It gives you insight into yourself, it helps you think through decisions and process your thoughts, and best of all sometimes it makes you stop and zoom out to see the whole picture, even the parts you were missing or never quite understood.

Life is constantly throwing us curveballs that we don’t know how to cope with or what exactly we should do next. Writing has taught me that sometimes we know more than we think and that we are always, always stronger than we think we are. Through break ups and losses, grief and tragedy, and the weight of the world on our shoulders, any small step can make an immense difference. Just letting all the words that have been building up inside you tumble onto the page can release you even just a little bit from the hold life had on you.

Writing continuously saves my life, and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so in the future.

It has been every single one of these things for me and more. It has given me the power to face challenges I never expected and to deal with those that were merely inevitable. It’s not just a hobby, but a choice to take care of myself. A choice to give myself the power that is found behind words that are sitting right there on the edge of my mind but that I never give enough attention to. A choice to let go of the weight that my thoughts carry in whatever way I need.

Maybe writing has never been your niche, or maybe it’s something that’s never even crossed your mind. I can guarantee you, it’s worth trying.  It’s a source of empowerment that is so easily accessible to everyone and in the end there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Don’t be afraid to give your mind the ease it craves, don’t overthink every word, just let the words find you.


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