7 Super Easy Handmade Gifts Your SO Will Love

Handmade presents are always a good route for a number of reasons. For example, when you just started dating someone and you don’t really know what your partner likes or how much money is appropriate to spend. DIY presents are also good for the creative individuals who love putting in a little time and effort in order to really win over someone they care about. Bottom line, if a gift is made by hand you can practically never go wrong with it. Here are seven creative ideas that are good for any occasion.

  1. Create a date jar/box

Make a list of date ideas and write them on tiny pieces of paper (which can also be decorated with bows) and put them into a decorated jar or box that you and your partner can turn to for your next date night. This can also work with making a bucket list of some crazy, fun things you can imagine doing together. Any type of list can actually be used here, from putting in cute quotes that remind you of your partner to movie suggestions when it’s a Netflix and chill type of night.  

  1. Plan out a scavenger hunt

In your house or all over the city this can be a fun idea that can bring out the child in you and your significant other. It’s the type of present where the end prize is not as important as the process. Another fun game idea could be a handmade board game. Make some trivia cards and see who knows the other person the best.

  1. Calendar with your pictures

Each month deserves a memory of the special times you two shared together. Photos are a great gift idea in general. Everyone loves to look back on fond memories. So scrapbooks or collages also work great. Or it can even be something small like a bookmark or a keychain.

  1. Customized Coffee/Tea blends

Make your own coffee blends, tea bags, or loose leaf tea sets. The best part of this is that you know for sure that all the ingredients are organic. You can make this even more amusing by having your significant other guess what the different blends are. If your partner has a sweet tooth you can also make a mix of different candies that are sold in bulk.

  1. A map of all the places you want to share with them

This can be local such as pinning different restaurants, exhibits, shows, or it can be global with planning all the places you want to see in the world together.

  1. Plant something for them

It can be a flower or a seed of a fruit that you two shared. You can see how the plant blossoms over time as the both of you care for it, symbolizing your growing love for one another.

  1. Toiletries

Soaps, body washes, and bath bombs can all be homemade. Think up of creative smells such as a favorite dessert or a favorite fruit. This gift is practical and you will know that your significant other is thinking of you every time he/she uses it.

And if all else fails, there are always sock bunnies that Phoebe from Friends made!

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