A Guide To Everything You Need To Know Come Election Day Tomorrow

Election day is tomorrow! And it’s a day I have come to dread. With the nonstop slandering of candidates, it’s a wonder why anyone would honestly want to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. One day, it’s all about emails, the next is all about sexual assault.

I think it is about time to get a solid break down of what each candidate REALLY believes and wants to do with this country and not the trash that the media throws out there. Keep in mind on what the candidate wants to do versus what they have done.

Issue Donald Trump’s       Stance Hillary Clinton’s Stance
Medical Marijuana For it For it
Abortion Against it For it
Gun Ownership For it For it (with stricter
laws on who can buy them)
Stricter Crime Punishments For it Against it
Obamacare Expansion Against it For it
Green Energy Prioritization Against it For it
Higher Taxes on Wealthy Against it For it
Making the Pathway to Citizenship Easier Against it For it
Expanding Military For it Against it

While it’s pretty clear that Trump and Clinton stay on opposite sides of the spectrum for most issues, it is definitely important to know what each candidate stands for. The only issue that any candidate can agree on is legalizing medical marijuana. I was also happy to see that gay marriage (not shown on the chart) was also agreed on by both sides as being for it.

Just remember that no matter who gets elected, nothing drastic can be done without the approval of Congress. Keep that in mind this election season if your candidate isn’t voted into office. It will not be the end of the world, and even if it feels like it, we, as Americans, can band together and figure it out.

Happy Electing!

Featured Image via Second Presidential Debate Screengrab. 




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