10 Things You Miss The Most About Home While Away At School

College… the only thing that can actually get us to leave our parents’ house for longer than a weekend. Although college is a ton of fun mixed in with a ton of stress, we try hard to avoid admitting that we actually do miss being under our parents’ roof. But I’m sure we can all agree that these are the things we miss most when we grow some wings and leave home.

  1. Food

I’m talking about our favorite food places that are close by. Those places that are not as common in the area you’re going to school. For a lot of students, that place is the fast food burger joint, or some type of hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. College doesn’t have these places and every time we go home, we need our fix.

  1. Friends

The friends we’ve gone to school with for years upon years, the people we actually grew up with. It’s weird moving to a new place and not really knowing anyone; you have to start over making friends and that’s hard.

  1. Family

I am a big family person, so any chance I can get to spend time with them I take. Being away at college makes me homesick because I’m not able to spend as much time with them anymore. It’s something that you have to adjust to, and it is not easy.

  1. Having your parents help you with life

I know one thing everyone misses is their parents, especially when it comes to what our parents did for us back home. Making those phone calls to doctors offices, dropping us off at school, helping us with our homework, etc. Not having them around to help out or do things for you is really hard, and not something we really get used to.

  1. Peace and Quiet

It may not have been total peace and quiet but it’s better than hearing people partying in the dorms until 5am and having to hear the people next door going at it. I’d take the “peace and quiet” at home over the “peace and quiet” on campus any day.

  1. Free time

Let’s face it, the free time we get at school is just procrastination in action. But at home, there’s really time to relax and not worry about homework. It’s really nice to be able to just sit down and catch your breath without feeling guilty.

  1. Not having to shower with flip-flops on

Living in a dorm freshman year with a shared bathroom was miserable. There was nothing I hated more than needing to shower with flip-flops on. It was so uncomfortable and just not fun at all.

  1. Pets

Whether they are yours, your neighbor’s, or your significant other’s, there’s a pet somewhere back home you miss.

  1. Not having to pay for your laundry

Aside from having to wear flip-flops in the shower, I also really disliked having to pay to do my laundry. Especially when it was close to $2 to dry your clothes and then they wouldn’t completely dry so you had to keep paying for another cycle. HORRIBLE.

  1. Home cooked meals

The number one thing I miss the most is having a real home-cooked meal. Sure you can easily make yourself some food, either in a dorm kitchen or in a microwave, but it’s not the same as your family makes it. That makes going home for the holidays so much more special.

College is a great time to become responsible, learn who you are as an individual, and make mistakes. But nothing beats going home for a long weekend! Home will have be where your heart is, and where the good food and free laundry are.

Syndicated from University Primetime.

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