5 Things You Can Actually Learn From Fairytale Couples

I believe the most amazing human beings are children. They are full of love, energy, and they believe in everything. Remember being a little girl? You watched Disney movies and read fairy tales. You believed in magic and talking animals. You also believed that one day your prince would come. Maybe on a dragon or on a white horse. But then you grew up. You put the wand down and your Ariel dress away. You learned that boys are mean and they hurt your feelings. You grew even older and those statements became even more true. You’ve become cynical and stopped believing in love. But under all the pessimism, you still have hope, hope that one day your prince will still come along. Here’s why I don’t think we should ever stop believing in fairytales.

1. Staying Optimistic Is Important

I’m not saying everyone should dress up as a Disney princess or be a hopeless romantic. What I am saying is you should keep the faith  that there is a guy out there for you. And not just any guy. A MAN that will treat you right and be everything you need. He does exist, it’s just that some people meet him when they are 16 and others not until they 60. But we can’t give up hope we have to believe he’s out there and we are going to find him. You will find your prince one day and hopefully, he turns into a king.

2. Being Hurt Doesn’t Mean You Give Up

We’ve all had a guy be a major douchebag to us. Maybe he cheated, maybe he lied, maybe he became someone who you didn’t even know anymore. It left you hurt, broken, and jaded. You hated men for a while. You blamed every single guy and thought you were just straight up done with them. It’s okay to feel the hurt, the anger, and like you just want to scream. We live in a broken, hook-up, “act like you can care less” culture. Everyone has been hurt by it but we can’t let this define us. We can’t let the worst memories of our past haunt us forever and rob us from finding the right one.

3. Most Of The Guys You’ll Meet Will Be Frogs

Most guys you meet won’t want to be your boyfriend. They won’t be nice to you or tell you you’re beautiful. They’ll probably lie to you and try to tell you what you want to hear. They’ll probably make you so cynical that every guy that tries to talk to you at the bar will make you roll your eyes. You just have to accept that boys won’t always be nice, but the right one will be. Like the fairy tales teach us, usually the first guy you like won’t be the one. There might be a couple of frogs you have to kiss first before you find the good one.

4. You Should Still Have High Standards 

It breaks my heart when I see women let guys treat them like shit, because I’ve been there. I’ve stayed with guys too long, I’ve let my standards go because of some f*ckboy. Do you see women in fairy tales letting the prince drunk text them? Do you see princes trying to Netflix and chill? No you don’t because the princess wouldn’t put up with that. A guy will give you as much respect as you demand. When you have high standards you will weed out the f*ckboys. A lot of guys may leave the picture, but that’s ok because you only want one that will treat you well anyways. Having high standards attracts MEN who respect you.

5. You Will Find Your Prince

Maybe you’ll meet your prince tomorrow, maybe you’ll meet him in twenty years. Either way, he’s going to be different. He’s going to treat you well. He’s going to call you when he says he will. He’s going to tell you you’re beautiful every single day. Every single day he is going to choose you. He’s going to be what you didn’t even know you needed. For once, you’re going to feel safe and secure and you’re not going to let him go.

We all know how crazy dating is these days, from f*ckboys to dating apps. People don’t even date anymore because of how many times they’ve been burned. Guess what? I don’t blame you because I’ve been there. But I can tell you something: it won’t always be like this. One day you’ll meet him. No, he probably won’t be on a horse, and you’re probably not going to be wearing a tiara. Remember that you’re a queen, you deserve to be treated like one, and don’t let this world make you cynical. Always believe.

Featured Image via screengrab from Enchanted.




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