Count Your Blessings: 16 Things You Forget To Be Thankful for

I just finished having a wonderful lunch with my mom and my sister. The rain is lightly drizzling, the windows of the office I work in are slightly fogged, with rain drops streaming down them on the outside. I haven’t had much sleep in the past few nights, and I’ve worked twelve and thirteen hour days back to back. I’m exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, and switching between a mood of happiness and sadness.

Yet, here I sit in an empty office while my co-workers went to lunch together with Infinity by One Direction playing softly in the background, and I’m suddenly reminded just how many blessings I have in my life.

I have a family who loves me endlessly, regardless of the mistakes I’ve made, and for how horrible of a person I can turn into at times. They bend over backwards to spend time with me even if it’s for half an hour, and they always make the effort to make a memory with me.

I have a mother who dedicates most of her time to me and my siblings, and always maintains a positive attitude that I’ve luckily inherited.

I have a father who works harder than anyone I know to support my family, and has been an excellent example of the kind of husband I want to have in the future.

I have a sister who is my best friend, and someone I can depend on to laugh with, even if we don’t say a word at all.

I have a brother who reminds me to stay on my toes, and to always be aware of my surroundings. Because of his pranks I’ve learned to accept fear of the unknown.

I have a roof above my head, and a warm bed to come into at night. The walls surrounding me are written with memories I’m fortunate to have had.

I have been unbelievably lucky to have gotten an education, and have built strong relationships with my educators who have taught me so much more outside of the classroom, where so many aren’t granted with a luxury we take for granted.

I have been fortunate to have been able to go to college and earn my degree in the subject I love, and was able to pursue my passion every day.

I have a best friend who loves me for who I am and has accepted me as part of their family with open arms.

I have amazing grandparents who are in heaven watching over me, and one still with me on earth who I get to call my best friend.

I have an amazing group of co-workers at two jobs (which is something else to be grateful about), who sees my potential and supports me every day with my dreams.

I have had a few relationships and friendships that didn’t work out the way I would have liked it to, but they taught me how to love. I will always be thankful for that, regardless of how badly I’ve been hurt by them.

I have had the opportunity to travel and see how other people live their day-to-day life, and been able to learn something on each trip.

I have gotten to live in a great country with a great health care system, natural beauty, and freedom from the horrific tragedies occurring in other countries.

I have a closet full of clothes, a wallet full of money, and a fridge full of food and water.

Most importantly, I have an amazing life. And no matter what hardships I’ve experienced or yet to endure, I have and will be a stronger person because of them.

Life really knows how to kick you when you’re down. Even if things are going amazing, life is able to kick your butt, yet bring you back to reality that nothing is meant to be perfect. Everyone forgets how many amazing things we have and what we take for granted. Being grateful is a huge way to increase our own happiness, as well as someone else’s.

By taking the time to remember how many wonderful things you have in your life,

it helps you realize things really aren’t as horrible as they seem.

Someone does love you, they shouldn’t have to verbally express it for you to feel it.

I’m now onto the song If I Could Fly off of One Direction’s Made in the AM record, and it’s taken me approximately eight minutes to list 16 things in my life I am grateful to have. The sadness and loneliness I had at the beginning of this article is now succumbed to happiness. I am so humbled to live the life I’m living. And all it took was a song to spark these blessings back into my memory when they were lost in my thoughts and emotions.

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