Always A Bridesmaid: How To Create The Ultimate Bridal Survival Kit

As a recent college grad, it seems like weddings are the latest trend. Earlier this summer, my best friend got married, and next fall, my boyfriend’s college teammate is getting married. It’s a crazy phenomenon – you graduate from college and all of a sudden people are getting married and having babies.

At some point in time, you will be part of a bridal party. And if you have the opportunity to be someone’s maid of honor, you’ll have a lot of fun tasks to do for the bride. In addition to being at her every beck and call, you might be expected to make a bridal survival kit. While you may have seen some of these kits on Pinterest, they should be specific to each bride – so take a look below at some of the absolute essentials for any bridal survival kit.

I made sure to include these items for my best friend’s wedding, and it was extremely helpful. Although you might expect that the bride used everything in the kit, I would say that the rest of the bridal party used the survival kit a lot more than the bride herself. From the mother-of-the-groom needing tissues to dab her face, to me needing the Tide To Go pen in the airport after sitting on some chocolate, to deodorant and band-aids for all the bridesmaids (it was hot and our feet were all blistered), I guarantee that someone will need every single part of that survival kit.


Although this generic survival kit was great for wedding prep and the wedding, the most important things you can put in a survival kit (other than water) is your personal touch. If you know the bride loves Twizzlers, make sure to throw some of those in there; if your bride is really nervous, maybe toss in a mini vodka bottle; if you know she’s going to need encouragement from her groom, ask him to write a letter to her for the survival kit!

No matter what happens – spills to ripped veils, ring bearer temper tantrums to lost garters, a bride’s wedding day will be beautiful, and she will appreciate everything you do for her.

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