Why There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Nature’s Glitter

There is something about the beauty of the great outdoors and nature that leaves me awestruck every time I pass through the threshold of my front door. I’ve been lucky enough grow up smack dab in the middle of the Pisgah National Forest, just a 45 minute drive from Asheville, North Carolina. With hundreds of miles of hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls just miles from my house, my childhood was dominated by family camping trips, geocaching, and picnicking by the French Broad River.

Little orbs of life

Clinging to blades of grass,
Trickling down the scarlet petals of the wild lily,
Inching down the slender leaves of the rhododendron tree.

Concealed by the night until a golden glow

Stretches lazily across the horizon,
Penetrating each droplet.
A world within a world is created
As nature’s glitter disperses across the landscape.

By noon nature’s shimmer ceases to exist,

And only with the twinkle of the distant stars
Will it emerge again.
Only to disappear into thin air the next day.

Featured Image via The Blonde Abroad




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