If These 6 Instagram Accounts Don’t Inspire You To Study, Nothing Will

With the fall semester ramping up, you’re probably already overwhelmed by the amount of work on your plate. For some reason, professors seem to think that the beginning of the semester is the best time to give you crazy assignments, and they usually say something like, “since it’s the beginning of the semester, I’m sure you don’t have much other stuff to do.” Yeah, right.

But that’s okay; if you’re already feeling the procrastination setting in, we’ve got you covered. Check out these incredible Instagrams for all the studying inspiration you could need this semester!

1. @studeying

This young Australian woman posts tons of photos of beautiful notebooks filler with her perfect handwriting. She also posts lots of pictures of different office/school supplies – pen lovers will adore this account!

2. @bulletjournals

This woman primarily focuses on bullet journals, but she also has some great inspiration for setting up your planner. This account is perfect for anyone who uses their computer to study as much as their notebooks, and loves to use tons of colors to spice up their notes.

3. @studybreakdwn

If you want simple, practical note-taking inspiration, this is the account to follow. These no-nonsense notes are great if you’re not particularly artistic, but really like keeping your work organized.

4. @studyign_com

This student focuses on taking notes the way we all actually want to take notes: beautifully and with snacks. She always uses notebooks that have cute, inspiring, and funny messages on them. If you want inspiration for using stickers, stamps, and washi tape, this is your girl.

5. @howtobulletjournal

This bullet journalist keeps things minimalistic and modern. She features her beautiful colored pencil drawings and has a website that gives advice on how to bullet journal, how to stay organized, and how to plan digitally.

6. @eskastationery

This young instagrammer keeps things pretty and plain in neutral colors. Primarily using black and white pens, this woman pairs her planners with coffee, breakfast bowls, and other things millennials love.

All of these instagrammers are stationary lovers with beautiful handwriting, and you just know that all these women’s school notes look like something out of a damn museum. So anytime this semester when you’re not motivated to study, or your notes start to look like they did when you were in eighth grade, start following these gorgeous accounts and get your notes in shape!

Featured Image via Studyign_com




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