6 Amazing Cocktails That You Can Afford To Make

I grew up in a small town and my family didn’t have money to throw around. So I learned to make the best of things and work with what I had. Translation: I learned to make good, cheap drinks when I was bored and invite all my friends to try them. Now, I will bestow that knowledge unto you.


It’s literally what it sounds like. You take some lemonade and you add rum. I prefer coconut rum because it’s sweeter, making the drink a bit less tangy and bitter. For every part rum, I use 2 parts lemonade.

Ghetto Sangria

Has anyone ever looked up a sangria recipe? You need everything, including the kitchen sink, to make it “right.” Pshh ain’t nobody got the time, or money, for that. My favorite way to have homemade sangria is with any type of wine I have in the house and a can of fruit. Open that can of whatever your favorite fruit is, dump the whole thing in a pitcher, then add the bottle of wine. I hate drinking things that are room temperature so I always put an ice cube or two in my glass. Ice will also help with the consistency; syrup is a bit thicker so as the ice melts it will sip better.

Pink Hawaiian

Typically, Hawaiians are blue and that is because of a liquor called Blue Curaco. That stuff is expensive, doesn’t taste great on it’s own, and is not used in much else. But you know what is always used and always welcome at a party? Fruit punch. Whether you get the carbonated version or the more kid friendly jug, it will mix well with vodka and rum. Since it is a tropical themed drink, you can grab that coconut rum you already used and some pineapple flavored vodka. For each part liquor pour 2 parts fruit punch.

Cucumber spritzer

Cucumbers are my favorite veggie so I always have them in my fridge. And while the bartenders make their light, crisp drinks so fancy with garnishes, I simply have 3 ingredients. I cut a cucumber into slices and muddle most of it at the bottom of a pitcher so that the flavor becomes more prevalent. Then I add one third gin, which is great to have in the house because it goes with really anything due to its light taste, and two thirds tonic. Then pop a cucumber slice on top of each glass, stick your pinky out, and take a fancy selfie.

Apple mimosas

Apple cider is really only around for those 6 weeks in fall that we all flock to orchards to take pictures with foliage in our flannel. So when it isn’t September, and you want to make your own brunch but are so over being basic with OJ, we have apple juice! Whether you’ve got champagne or prosecco, it will get the job done. Try to get an unsweetened or low sugar apple juice so it has a more fresh, crisp taste. I sprinkle some cinnamon over it too. Just like grandma used to make.

Frozen margaritas

No, you don’t need to get one of those big pre-made margarita buckets that are just tangy sugar garbage. Get some frozen fruit, whatever flavor you would prefer with tequila, and some juice in the same or a similar flavor. You’ll throw fruit, juice, and lots of ice in your blender. Once it’s in good puree form, pour a shot of tequila in a glass then fill with your cold, fruity goodness! And you will have fruit leftover to make a parfait or top your pancakes with over the weekend!

Really, all it comes down to is looking through the liquor cabinet and looking through your kitchen to create the next big thing. If all those combinations fail, try to think of ingredients that you will reuse and go buy them. Your favorite juice or soda, whatever type of garnishes you would eat plain, anything that you can make worth your dollar! And always drink responsibly.

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