14 Times You Were Pretty Much Married To Your Roommate

College and young adulthood is the prime time for living the roommate life. Housing is often unaffordable for living on your own, so you grab the friend you tolerate the most and start apartment hunting. If it goes well, you start to notice things that make you go,

“Holy shit…are we married or what?”

  1. You regularly have the “What do you want for dinner?” argument.
    Image result for what do you want for dinner gif
  2. And then meet in the middle by stopping at two places for dinner.
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  3. You try to negotiate how much to spend on the wedding/birthday gift for a mutual friend, because why buy two gifts when you can go halvsies on one?
  4. …and then you both sign one card.
    Image result for signing a document gif
  5. You binge on the same shows together…
    portlandia binge watching binge watch next episode
  6. …and get a little upset when the other continues without you.
    Image result
  7. You’ve been mistaken for a couple when in public.
    Image result for best friends can be very gay gif
  8. Your senses of humor mesh a little too well.
    Weekend Update High Five
  9. No topic is too personal or off limits.
    Image result for friends having a weird conversation gif
  10. You’ve mutually agreed that it’s okay to pee with the door open if you’re in the middle of a really good show…or in the middle of a conversation.
    Image result
  11. You miss them when you’re at school or work…
    Image result
  12. …and when they go home or on vacation for a weekend.
    Image result
  13. They know how to take care of you after a rough day and you know how to take care of them.
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  14. You know each other better than anyone.
    Image result

At the end of the day, you know your roommate will always have your back and you’ll always have theirs. All of this is what makes your friendship so special! And best of all, they’ll never break your heart.

Featured Image Via Ariel Rae


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