7 Themes You Have To Try For Your Next Girl’s Night

Every girl (and her guy) knows how important a Girl’s Night Out is, but what is there to do when all the local bars and cafés have seen you far too often? Changing up Girl’s Night by applying a theme isn’t like the awkward princess parties you had in elementary school, it’s actually really fun! Share these ideas with all your gals while planning your next kick ass night away from the boys:

Cleansing Parties

What better way to get over your ex than by burning all of his stuff with your best girlfriends? Whether the bon voyage bonfire of forgettable junk is for you or your best friend, don’t forget to celebrate with your favorite Moscato.

Pretend Bachelorette Party Anyone?

In every group of girls, there’s always that one that sees herself as a future cat lady and thus the definition of #ForeverAlone. Why not help cheer up your favorite lonely chica this weekend by grabbing some silly penis gag gifts, (popsicle trays, cake pans, drink markers, candles, jello molds, etc.) and a fake black veil from a local paraphernalia shop and make the best fake bachelorette party ever?!

Make Believe Wine Tasting

Grab some friends, cheap cheese, crackers, grapes, and wine alongside your favorite Netflix chick flicks. You can pretend to have the fanciest night out from the confines of your secret night in.

Pinterest It Up

When scrolling around the internet you always see new, hipster-esque recipes and crafts. Time to have a craft night with the girls baking away or painting styrofoam to style your home! Plot twist: Make it a contest based on whose creation can come out closest to the Pinterest OG.

Social Media Photoshoot

Use those Pinterest and YouTube makeup tutorials you’ve each been saving up, and give them a try. Use your new stylish look on an adventure and take future profile pics. You can do your usual bar hop night or try a new place to show off your new look.

Spa Party

Do your own spa at home! Grab some of those facial packets from your favorite beauty shop and get ready to take some terrifying masked selfies. You and your girls can binge-watch your favorite show while painting your nails and sipping some wine. A spa night is one of the best ways to relax from the stresses of the week.


Dress up in neon and go to black light parties! Black-out nights can include anything from bowling alleys, local clubs, or even mini golf. Base your night on what you and your girls are feeling, whether it be dance-y, competitive, or fun. Make sure to grab some glow sticks!

You can do whatever you want on your Girl’s Night Out, it’s all about you ladies after all. After giving these six a try, be sure to give your man, child, or cat some extra lovin’ the following day to let them know they’re still appreciated.

Featured image via College Weekly




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