8 Delicious Treats To Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream sandwiches have to be one of the top inventions in the modern world. Whomever decided to put ice cream in between cookies and eat it all at once, now that’s a person I want to know. And in their wildest dreams they only thought plain ice cream, plain cookies, voilà! But now, on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, look how far we have come!

Rocky road ice cream and peanut butter cookies

It’s got that sweet and salty taste we all know and love.

Black cherry ice cream with dark chocolate chip cookies

The sweet fruit and the more bitter taste of dark chocolate will be the perfect combination all up in your mouth.

Skip the traditional kind of #sandwich for #lunch today & go with an #IceCreamSandwich! 🍒Roasted #Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches w/ #Chocolate Buckwheat #Cookies by @the_bojon_gourmet. The intense flavor from the roasted cherries paired w/ dark chocolate & nutty buckwheat is something you don't want to miss! Bonus: they're #GlutenFree! 👉Get 50+ more Ice Cream recipes from the Feed on our Website | link in profile. (Feed edited by @alanakysar .) Or go to feedfeed.info/instagram to find all of the recipes featured here. 🌟Remember to share your cooking, baking, and drink making pics and videos by tagging "#feedfeed @thefeedfeed" for a chance to be featured here and on our site! 🎉Want more Gluten Free recipes? Follow our account @thefeedfeed.glutenfree! #NationalIceCreamSandwichDay #feedfeed

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Mint chocolate chips with sugar cookies

That refreshing mint flavor is perfect for a hot summer day and the simplicity of sugar cookies will have your taste buds focused on that sweetness.


Coffee ice cream with classic chocolate chip cookies

For those mocha lovers, we got your covered. Your coffee fix, your chocolate fix, your I-need-to-cool-down fix all in one.


Cake batter ice cream with Rice Krispie treats

Cake, sprinkles, and marshmallows oh my! It doesn’t get better than this.

Cookie dough ice cream with brownies

Brownies that hold a sandwich together? Count me in!

Strawberry ice cream with vanilla cake

It’s like a strawberry shortcake but you can eat it with your hands.

S’mores ice cream with graham crackers

No fire necessary for this campfire classic. Which is a good thing because August is so hot without any fires.

Spend your post-dinner time chowing down on your favorite sammy. Take a break from your everyday dessert on this special holiday and feast on these great flavor combinations before the summer is gone.

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