The One Thing Everyone Seems To Forget About Voting

Attention voters (or those of you who refuse to vote, you need to hear this more). Are you refusing to vote because you’re picking between the lesser of two evils? News flash – you don’t need to vote only for one of the two people on the ballot in order to exercise your rights. Let me tell you about this wonderful thing called a write in…

Writing in a candidate on your ballot is your way of placing a vote without giving it to someone you don’t want to! Imagine that! Let’s discuss a real life scenario.

Bernie Sanders (Note: This is not a piece to sway you to the liberal side. This applies to any politician). He had a huge following of liberal democrats fighting to get him on the final ballot. Once Hillary was given the nomination, Bernie was considered off-limits and backed Hillary’s campaign. All of his followers were heartbroken. But what many failed to notice was that:

  1. Bernie has to do this in order to keep his delegates. He’s not a traitor, and he’s not completely out for the long run. FDR did this during his campaign and look what happened.
  2. YOU CAN STILL WRITE HIM IN! He was a competitor and is still recognized. Plus you can actually write in any name you want (but that’s not recommended for obvious reasons). If said politician of choice received the majority, then there’s a chance he/she could still get the position.

Hell, Mickey Mouse gets 3% of the national vote every year. If that’s possible, then it’s possible for someone like Sanders (or insert your popular campaigning politician of choice) to still have a fighting chance.

It’s said that throughout the years, anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of the population doesn’t vote because they believe their vote doesn’t matter… Who’s to say there aren’t other people out there who want someone other than Trump or Hillary? If all of those people realized this fact and came out of the woodwork and placed their vote, we wouldn’t have to decide between Tumbleweed Hair and Pant Suit (if Hillary’s not your thang). Think about it. 2/3 is most of the population. Your vote would count a hell of a lot if you’re the majority of the population. There’s so much more to it. Ignorance is anything but bliss.

In the end, it’s your right to vote for whoever you want to. But you can’t complain when Hillary or Trump becomes president and you either 1. Didn’t vote at all or 2. Voted for one of them when you honestly don’t want either. Your right to complain is only valid if you placed an honest vote. So attention America… Are we going to let 1/3 of the country decide who’s our leader, or are we going to stand together and choose as an entire nation?  Exercise your rights. Don’t sit this election out, I don’t even care if you write anyone in. Just vote. This election may be the most important one yet.

Featured image via Joanie Rothschild




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