3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Social Media Job Friendly

In today’s internet-based world it seems there is more emphasis put on social media for every aspect of life than ever before. Think about it, even news outlets have gotten in on the “life through pics and status” phenomenon. As a member of generation Y, I understand the addiction to fan faves like Snapchat and Instagram, but as a college student I also understand the importance of keeping it clean. Here are three simple ways to keep your social media professional AND unique to you:

1. Create a professional profile

This is one of the easiest ways to keep potential employers away from those favorite, yet not so “job appropriate” pictures. Although sites like LinkedIn are still necessary, they are also obvious and not what employers will focus on when they go snooping. A professional Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram will not only open you up to more networking, but it will provide a bit of a safety net for you. Just don’t forget to keep each page updated and active. An inactive page is a dead giveaway your commitment to your professional development is weak.

2. Keep your personal profile PERSONAL and PRIVATE

In order for tip 1 to work you have to abide by tip 2. With that being said, NO NEW FRIENDS! Avoid allowing anyone into your social media you have not actually met. With social media you’re always being watched so you want to keep a close eye on who exactly is watching you. It may sound like a bit of a killjoy now, but trust you’ll thank yourself later when your friend comes to you with a horror story about how she walked into an interview and the guy interviewing her was the hot guy from IG. (Yes, that actually happened!) Make your social media work FOR you not against you.

3. Avoid posting under the influence

No drunk snapping! You can try to deny it all you want but the truth is we all do it and we should really stop. Just because the video or picture self-destructs or can be deleted the morning after, doesn’t mean it hasn’t already been screenshot and reposted elsewhere. In addition, anything and everything put out into the internet is there FOREVER. That is NOT a myth and you don’t want to figure that out the hard way.

Now that you have the tools to a successful online platform, don’t wait to implement them. Your future job is right in arm’s reach!

Featured Image By Malika Lambert 




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