That’s A Wrap: Everything You Need To Know About The House Democrats’ Sit-In

#NoFlyNoBuy was on the agenda of the Democratic party as they began a sit-in that lasted over 25 hours. Despite the house being adjourned shortly after 3am on Thursday morning, the Democratic representatives continued a sit-in throughout the morning and into the early afternoon on Thursday.

Notably, public polls have shown that the majority of American’s are in favour of some action on gun legislation, and yet a number of bills have been struck down since the mass shooting in Orlando last week.

The Democrats took to online forums to let people get a glimpse of their sit-in as it was not being aired via TV.

In fact, the sit-in was livestreamed by 3 dedicated congressmen

Twitter was a buzz with excitement over the action taken by the Democratic party

Notably, president Obama was supportive of the sit-in:

And of course, we can always count on our girl Lady Gaga to throw support behind the cause

At a press conference shortly after the sit-in, members of the Democratic party explained that they were hoping to stop allowing people on the no-fly list to legally obtain guns. They would also like to expand background checks for guns purchased through commercial sale. A number of the senators also shared a number of stories from their own communities that have inspired them to so actively work towards a more gun-safe America, and to “disharm hate”.

*As of 2 pm EST, the Senate has agreed to vote on 2 gun control bills today.

Featured image via Katherine Clark



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