5 Reasons Having Your Parents On Facebook Is The Worst

Moms are a great help, there’s no denying that. When it comes to laundry tips, sharing grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies recipe or the wisest dating advice you’ll ever get, Mom has you covered.

And Dad? He is your very own Mr. Fix It, your attack dog when someone is mean to you, and the one who does all the heavy lifting when it’s time for a big move. So what aren’t these super humans great at?


Parents, and most people over the age of 40 that don’t work in an office, struggle with technology. It’s hard to keep up when it changes so often and if they don’t use it regularly. As the kids, we are responsible for teaching and for keeping them in the know. If they are on the computer, they aren’t calling us to check in all the time. Win-win am I right?

Wrong. Now that our parents have traded the phone calls for messenger feature, there are at least the 5 following things wrong with that:

  1. Where you used to receive voice mails, you are now finding lengthy block texts

And most of it doesn’t make any sense. Am I the only one who misses the sound of the human voice? Text doesn’t convey things the way a real person does. You can’t hear tone or sense emotion the way one can when you’re on the phone. I understand the immediate need for messaging when it comes to a quick yes or no scenario but when it comes to the topic of family members, health, or some other personal matter, Facebook isn’t how you should communicate with people. Parents and kids don’t have the same relationship as bro’s or classmates doing a project and we shouldn’t communicate on serious matters in the same way either.

  1. There is a barrage of links they shared in your news feed

Facebook is made to share and I share all the time. I share pictures and locations and kittens. I will probably share this article too. But the constant sharing of the same cat videos or political campaign updates or recipes gets overwhelming. Your news feed is now covered in articles that don’t even have a heading regarding why they shared it because they don’t seem to understand the ‘share in new post’ option. What’s worse is when they claim their posts are for you…but they weren’t put on your wall…nor were you tagged in them. The whole concept is beyond them.

  1. Each post, comment, and message is signed with ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ as if you didn’t know who was sending them 

Do they know you can see their name on everything they type? And right next to that is their picture? Weren’t they the one who started using the family tree feature and labeled you as their child? Based on the types of posts and pictures shared, I bet you even Mark Zuckerberg understands your relationship.

  1. Reactions are made on everything you post

It’s lunch break on a Wednesday and you check your notifications. 36 NOTIFICATIONS? Did you leave the app open causing your roommate to change your birthday or did something serious happen? Neither. Your parent was bored. They have now creeped back far enough to send you a message asking who John is. John was your freshman year fling. Three years ago.

  1. Very serious responses to lyrical statuses and to drinking pictures

I can’t be the only one to share good poem or lyric when in the sing-song mood or when I’m jamming to a new single. Inspiration hits and we share a little status. The parents chime in with an ‘is everything ok’ or ‘what do you mean LOL’ comment that makes you want to delete the entire post because it ruins the aesthetic. Or when you’re having a good time out on the weekend and that selfie gets unwanted comments about drinking water or calling a cab instead of driving or making sure you don’t go home with a stranger.

Can I live?! Please? Facebook was made for college kids to check each other out. Then it became widely available to the youngsters and grown ups alike. Now there is no way to hide our personal lives from our family unless we block and/or delete them. If you’ve done this successfully, I applaud you. I tried twice but was caught in the act both times. Sorry ‘rents, I’m not liking your style.

Featured Image Via Peri Anderson 




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