WTF: Pro-Rape Leader Now Claims His Arguments Were All Satire

The definition of irony: Someone who is trying to legalize rape, making the world an unsafe place for men and women of all ages, having to cancel his international meetups due to “safety reasons”. You go ahead and feel safe Roosh, and we will continue living in the fear of being raped.

Daryush ‘Roosh V’ Valizadeh, the american “pickup artist” and “men’s rights group” leader who earlier said he wants to legalize rape, has been forced to cancel all of his International meetups on Saturday February 6th due to “safety reasons”, and has now gone to twitter to argue that his “How To Stop Rape” article was “a satire”.

“Neither me or my supporters want rape to be legalized. The media is lying”, he tweeted on Wednesday. “I can tattoo ‘it was satire!’ on my head but the anger wouldn’t be one decibel softer”.

So, he has explained his case, he has taken back his accusations about making rape legal and he has canceled all of his meetups. Everything is okay and back to normal then, right?

Not at all. Why?

Because rape is no laughing matter.

His post “How to Stop Rape” aka. “Make rape legal on private property” was posted almost a year ago, on February 16th 2015. The post has been up since then and is still available on Roosh V’s website. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about satire, irony or sarcasm. If that was his intention, he did not do a really good job. People reading this article from all around the world will believe that he is serious about stopping rape by legalising it. The article includes arguments for making rape on private property legal so women can have ‘learning experiences’.

If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of—she’ll scream, yell, or kick at his attempt while bystanders are still around. If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with. After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.”

Does this sound like satire to you? Because to me it, sadly, sounds like his true and honest opinion on rape and the victims of rape. In his delusional mind, he actually believes that making rape legal would “virtually eliminated” it for good.

Does he also believe that legalising stealing, murder and pedofily will help “virtually eliminate” that as well? Because I don’t.

As a “professional pickup artist” he claims to know women, but I highly doubt he does at all. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I keep more safe than my own body and soul. If he thinks that I keep my PURSE and SMARTPHONE closer to my heart than my own body and sanity, he is the one in the need of a reality check.

Women don’t go out looking for rape.

When I go out, I fear rape. I fear rapists. I fear someone coming up behind me, covering my mouth and dragging me away from the life I know today. I live in a constant state of paranoia, hoping for the best but always expecting the worse. 

I hear horrible rape-stories. I comfort friends who need a hand to hold, without having a single clue about what to tell them. Because rape, alongside other awful unthinkable things, is something so awful that I can not wrap my head around it. It is something I hear about and fear, but that I distance myself from because I have no idea how to cope with it. Rape turns an innocent person into a victim of crime. 

Legalising rape on private property will not do any good to anyone. It will not make it easier for woman to “resist” and escape the situation, it will not make it easier for woman to scream and cry out for help (?!). Screaming out for help is today often the only way a victim has a possible chance of being rescued. But it is sadly often not enough to stop the rape behind the closed doors of a private property.

The Rapist isn’t NORMALLY a Masked Stranger

There is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year (source). Only about a quarter of all rapists are strangers. Roughly 40% are friends or acquaintances; another 30% are in a relationship with the victim, and 7% are family members. In other words, most rapes are committed by people that the victim knows and trusts. Legalising rape on private property will only help legalize and justify the rapes that are happening all around the world right now, in the house of a friend, boy-/girlfriend or family member.

Rape is no laughing matter.

Rape is no subject for a satire. Rape is not something that should be taking lightly. Rape is something we should be able to talk about, discuss and fight out in the open public, but not something that we turn into a “jokingly article” people take seriously. Rape is not something that should ever be made legal. Rape is no laughing matter, and I hope one day Roosh V will realise the horrible things he has written and put into peoples heads. Until then, I will keep fighting against him and his ideologies. I hope you will do the same.

Featured image via “File:Roosh-daryush-valizadeh.jpg” by Bartek Kucharczyk / CC BY-SA 4.0


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