8 Hot Artists You Should Be Obsessing Over In 2016

With 2016 fully underway, let’s bid adieu to the music that was so last year. By now, Adele has crowned her way into the overplayed category where all major radio singles go to die. We’ve all accepted Justin Bieber’s apology to us through Purpose. Now, let’s treat our ears to some fresh sounds and be the cool kids who knew it first.


Andrew McMahon: After a fall performance on Conan, the former frontman of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate has reintroduced himself to the world. His newest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, is striking all the right chords. If you can, attend a show during the upcoming year benefiting his Dear Jack Foundation, a foundation he founded after getting diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in 2005. Dear Jack supports adolescents and young adults with cancer in the form of research, community outreach, and post-treatment care. Great music and a great cause? Definitely something to keep in mind for 2016.


Vance Joy: Spending months upon months opening for Taylor Swift really can do a number on one’s career. Ed Sheeran after her Red tour, anyone? Vance Joy is way more than just Riptide and everyone should know it. He has a second full album under his belt, The Fire and The Flood, and is kicking off 2016 by touring North America. Half of the shows on The Fire and The Flood tour are sold out so make sure to get tickets in your area soon! As one of the more eloquent singer/songwriters, Vance Joy provides the perfect soundtrack for cuddle and chill on cold winter nights.


DNCE: For the top 40 fan in us all, we have Joe Jonas’ new band. Between Joe and Nick, my inner Jo-Bro fan girl from college has been freaking out about their new projects. I’ve gotten very comfortable dancing around to the entire EP from Joe and his DNCE crew. Their fall tour, including a stop at world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, has gained them a spot on many dive bar playlists. The single “Cake by The Ocean” can get anyone bobbing their head. Catch them before prices skyrocket to Adele’s level!


Daughter: This UK-based trio has released EP’s since 2010. Their first full album, If You Leave, was released in 2013 containing their single Youth which sent chills down my spine through most of that year. It’s that single which gained them tour dates opening for The National on their North American tour. Most of Daughter’s shows have been throughout Europe and Asia up until now. With the release of their new album, Not to Disappear, available January 15th, they will start a world tour in mid-January with US and Canada dates scheduled for spring. Their latest single, Doing the Right Thing is just as powerful as Youth, with a video to boot.


Conor Oberst: From his first band Desaparecidos, to his most popular project Bright Eyes, to his time with The Mystic Valley Band, and even his solo career, he has never produced a bad record. After a sudden hospitalization in late October, Oberst was forced to cancel all upcoming tour dates. Without shows on the horizon, it’s a great time to dust off older albums and rediscover his elusive and poetic lyrics. Between the more aggressive sounds of Desaparecidos and the softer ambiance of The Mystic Valley Band, he has a song for every mood. Bright Eyes, dipping their feet into folk instruments as well as electronic beats from one album to the next, is one of the more timeless bands of our generation.



Pentatonix: Who doesn’t love a group that makes Pitch Perfect come to life? A Cappella has grown from a college fad to a full-blown obsession. After spending 2014 performing around the world, they had a stint on Kelly Clarkson’s summer tour in 2015. Their most recent performances have been for radio station’s holiday shows and then live on the It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown! special. There’s no cover quite like an A Cappella cover to refresh an old favorite. The perfect band for pregaming and road trips has been found!


Sam Hunt: Who cares about talent with a bod like that. His single House Party was hilariously ironic and so adorable at the same time. With just the right amount of twang in his voice, paired with upbeat music, he’s so hard not to fall for. After playing SXSW and the Country Music Awards Fest last year, he will most certainly be blowing up in 2016. His debut album Montevallo, released in October 2015, has earned him a spot on the lineup at about 20 different festivals across the US from spring to fall! Shine your cowboy boots, rip some jeans, and get ready to “yeehaw” along at the show.


The Chainsmokers: Yes. They made taking #selfies a thing. But they are still killin’ it! These two guys are a great way for anyone who isn’t majorly into EDM, to get their feet wet. With fun sounds and beats and just enough top 40 choruses inserted to scream along to, everyone can enjoy. One thing that sets these two apart is their Sirius XM show called Nice Hair. They’ve been making mixes, with their own spoken introductions to start each one, for over a year now. Their 2016 is kicking off in India but they will soon be back to the states for shows through February. Go have a dance party with them and take so many selfies while you’re there.

Delete those old playlists, get on Spotify or use your old iTunes gift cards and start moving to your new groove. Get out of your comfort zone and head to a concert of a band you aren’t a super fan of. It’s a fun way to let loose in front of strangers who are getting just as crazy as you!

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