What South Park And Donald Trump Surprisingly Have In Common

This is a theory based off an observation of me binge-watching South Park. Please direct all hate mail to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

South Park has started season 19 with a bang, and by bang I mean they’ve called society out once again on all of our bullshit. However, this season got me thinking in a new way about how, according to South Park, political correctness has pushed some Americans to the brink. And by ‘brink’ I mean the outrageous possibility of electing Donald Trump as our president.

This is not a political soap box speech. I do, however, wish to present a theory that South Park drawn my attention to. Has political correctness been the driving force to push Americans to the brink?

In episode 1 season 19, South Park Elementary gets a new principal. They call him PC Principal because he makes sure that no one says anything offensive, ever. It begins as enlightenment for the city’s ignorance, but quickly spirals into an all out hate battle with political correctness right in the firing range. The new principal encourages the South Park kids to fear self-expression so as not to be insulting. Does this sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong; I think awareness of offensiveness is majorly important and should be taught and learned by all generations. However, it appears this over-sensitivity has pushed our modern society to stand on polar opposites of the “pc” spectrum.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump.

south-park-trump-screen-640x480No one can argue that this man has said some, for lack of a better phrase, f*cked up shit. From immigration slander to verbally assaulting women, this man has NO chill. We see intelligent people wonder, “Why on earth is HE the front-runner for the GOP?” He has an obvious past of discriminating against minorities with housing in New York City and has openly admitted to buying politicians in the past.

Intense political correctness has left people feeling afraid to say anything publicly, and restricted to their true feelings. This is against every reason of filtering our speech in the first place. Political correctness should be a positive thing, and should open doors to diversity and acceptance, not drive a man with no filter to possibly hold this great nation’s secrets and integrity in the palm of his hands.

How do we fix this? I have no idea. But, first, I’m going to pray every single night to every god and idol that Donald Trump does not become the 45th President, and then I’m going to keep on watching South Park and hope they come up with a solution to our doom.




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